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Edited: April 8th 

"What do you mean, he just appeared?!?" Tony Stark snapped, running a hand over his face. 

"Just what I said, sir. Even though I have to admit that this is quite unusual", announced JARVIS' monotone voice from the ceiling. There on his terrace - thousand feet above the ground - lay a boy in blood stained clothing. Black hair covered his face, he was obviously unconscious. 

The billionaire sighed, he was really tempted to just ignore the guy and go back inside - drink some coffee and call it a day. It was way to early for this shit. 

"JARVIS, call some security guards- no wait just get Bruce, we gotta patch the kid up. Oh and call the Cap as soon as he's back from his run."

"Luckily for you, sir, Mr. Rogers just entered the kitchen. Dr. Banner is still asleep though" 
Tony shrugged and leaned against the window.

"Just wake him up. Hurry, before the guy bleeds out"

A shocked gasp escaped the super soldier, when he stepped outside. His face was covered in sweat and the tight shirt showed all of his muscles. Tony scoffed. Maybe he should buy the Captain some running clothes in his size. 

"Who's this, Stark?" Rogers was worried, he hurried over to the boy and kneed down next to him, just as Bruce Banner appeared in the door. The doctor wore a blue pajamas and had obviously just woken up. With messy hair and narrowed eyes he stumbled outside. 

"Tony, what the hell is wrong- Oh my god!" Doctor-mode activated, Bruce jogged over to the two figures on the terrace. He squatted down and grabbed the boys wrist to check pulse or something. 

"Faint. Bit fast.", he noted, "Why haven't you done anything, Tony?" Tony shrugged. 

"I'm not the doctor, Bruce"

"Well, you could at least take him inside!" 

"I'm not the super strong soldier either, Bruce" Banner sighed seemingly annoyed.

"I'll take him!", Steve quickly interfered, "No problem" The doctor nodded, and the super soldier wrapped his arm around the boy's shoulder-

The kid woke up. 

Waking up wasn't the right word to describe it. More like he suddenly jolted upright and slapped the Captain's hand away,  his dark eyes frantically scanned the surroundings. Tony could barely catch a glimpse at the boy's pale face, the black hair flew around his head. 

Before anyone could react, even before Steve's super soldier reflexes kicked in, the kid was up in a flash and got away in a few big jumps. 

He now faced them, but stood worryingly near to the edge, even though he didn't seem to mind. One hand gripped his rips tightly, the other one swept over a pocket on hist belt. Even from several feet away, Tony noticed the cold glare in those dark, dark eyes. 

For a moment Tony Stark thought to see the soldier flinch, but that was impossible.
Rogers would never tremble. Not because of a child. 

"Hey Kiddo-", Tony exclaimed but was interrupted by Steve who shot him a warning stare, then held up his hands in an 'I surrender' position. The blond turned his head to the boy, that hadn't moved, even though blood continuously dripped from small cuts on his face and arms.

Tony noticed the worried look in Banner's eyes, but also his clenched teeth. Would be uncomfortable if he got too stressed.   

"How are you?" Wow, great question to start conversation with a blood stained guy, that looks like he's going to murder you any second. The kid didn't answer. Well, that had been expected. The Cap however didn't give up - of course not.

"Kid, we can help you. May I...get closer?" When the boy remained silent, staring at them, Steve slowly reached his hand out and took a step forward. That was certainly not a good idea, seeing that the black-head flinched. The kid squinted over his shoulder, down to the busy streets, before returning his frightening gaze to the blond man. 

The boy grabbed into his pouch, when Steve took another step. He tried to pull something out, but his body began to shake uncontrolled. 

Another step. 

Something switched in the kid's face. He looked down again, then at the nearing men. The black-head clutched his ribs tightly and stepped back. 

He jumped. 


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