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chapter four,vivid descriptions of vomiting and gagging

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chapter four,
vivid descriptions of vomiting and gagging.
lots of blood/gore.

Shōta Aizawa has done and lived through many things in his life, though he is proud to say he is not reckless nor looking to be. In his adolescence years, he can admit he has achieved the odd attempt at doing something blatantly stupid, like skipping class or getting drunk with Yamada in a back alleyway and coming home walking in a curved line. He isn't ashamed to admit that, everyone makes mistakes, especially when they have someone like Yamada at their side. Though so far through his adulthood he has been clean of doing anything like that, at least the skipping class part (Midnight is good at getting him drunk still) and his reckless years have been behind him for a long time. But he has to agree with himself, that this is by far the stupidest thing he's done, ever.

He closes his condominium door with a loud clatter despite trying to be quiet, his breath heavy and uneven. He turns his body to look through the door's peephole that leads directly outside, and watches as two police cars go racing by with their sirens on, and briefly wonders why he's not trying to flag them down. He also wonders when this stupid decision is going to bite him in the ass, especially when he turns back to look at said decision: The Monster. The Monster is looking at him with a clouded gaze, standing very still in the middle of his home, as if it's not entirely sure what's happening. Aizawa can relate to that, but it also looks like it doesn't even know it's basics surroundings, which is an interesting thing. He figures it should be attacking now if anything, but it doesn't even look like it sees Aizawa. It doesn't even look necessarily... dangerous. If he looks past it's obvious features of sharp teeth, long talons, and it's body size taking up half the room, its movements don't seem aggressive. It stands like his mother's fifteen year old dog; wobbly on its feet and blind of everything. He knows he should be scared, but the feeling just doesn't come. In fact, out of the both of them, The Monster looks more concerned for itself than Aizawa.

It still stands a bit shakily and sniffs the air with its big snout, golden eyes slowly blinking. For a moment Aizawa thinks it's going to pounce on him like a jaguar, but instead it turns to the side to inspect the pasta dish he made and forgot about. It's feathered tail brushes against all his furniture as it moves in a lazy circle, eyes latching onto the food and mouth salivating, it's movements jerky. He doesn't try to stop it as it goes headfirst into the food, chomping up the noodles desperately like it will be its last meal, making unattractive slurping noises and grunting. Aizawa just stands there motionless, still processing all that's happening.

He doesn't really worry about that this thing is eating what he made for Sasha, because honestly he couldn't even stop it if he wanted to and he's coming to a slow epiphany that this thing isn't what it looks like, not exactly. He doesn't really know what it is or what it's hiding, but watching its docile movements as it scarfs down the food like a hungry beast— he supposes that's what it is, but it just doesn't seem right— it's not really giving him the "all dangerous monster" the media created it to be. But it killed someone whispers in his mind, and he saw the evidence, the blood, the human flesh. But why did it kill? For fun? Who even were the people it killed anyways? He's getting a headache.

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