Author's Note

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Yeah, hi guys, welcome to the third crossover story on this Account! 

1. I had a big motivation strike at 2 a.m. that made me create this story. I wrote the description first (which obviously isn't a good idea) then started with chapter 1. This means the book isn't really well thought through and has definitely not the best plot. It's just for entertainment, which leads us to No. 2:

2. Yeah so I decided the story to take place in The Avengers (the first film, with Loki yk?). Then I wrote the first few paragraphs, assuming that all the guys (Tony, Bruce, Cap, etc.) were just chilling in the Stark tower. 
Well, that isn't the case. However there is no time (expect for Tony's fight/talk with Loki) in which they're in the tower. That sucks because I had a lot of plans!

Well, I'm a lazy person so... I'll maybe just ignore that big fat plot hole and call it a day. Yay. Nah for real, you got a problem? - Fight me. (ヘ・_・)ヘ┳━┳  

3. I OWN NEITHER THE MCU AND IT'S CHARACTERS NOR NARUTO! Obviously. Maybe one or two villain Oc's, but that's it. 

4. This may be blunt, but I don't like ghost readers. So for the sake of my motivation please vote and comment. (And follow, lololol I'm running low on followers. I have one: myself! 

Enjoy, friends!!!


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