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Steve Rogers rushed over to the place, where just a second ago the boy had stood

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Steve Rogers rushed over to the place, where just a second ago the boy had stood. The boy that had taken his life right in font of them. With no one to safe him. 

The soldier felt guilty. 

He knelt down and looked over the edge, hundreds of feet below cars raced through the streets of New York. But nothing indicated the tragic event. There was no sign of a body, that had crashed into the ground, the traffic continued unhindered. Strange. Maybe an illusion? Was is the lack of sleep? No, a quick glance at Bruce' frightened face confirmed what he'd just witnessed. 

A child, not older than seventeen had just committed suicide. Right in front of three so called 'future heroes'. 

But where was the corpse? 

An  absurd, impossible thought crept inside the blond's head. Was it possible for a human to survive a jump from this height? Well, obviously not, but maybe-.

No, it was impossible.
Even though the soldier himself was some kind of inhuman. Had the boy been rescued before touching the ground? A helicopter perhaps? 

Steve was deep in thought, when Tony grabbed his arm and dragged him inside, to the meeting room, where JARVIS had gathered the rest of the Avengers. Natasha looked like always, Clint looked like a plucked chicken that had just dropped out of bed.

Bruce sat at one end of the table, trying to look normal, and Tony looked sleep deprived. Steve didn't know how he looked, but he could imagine. 

"Today, a boy jumped from the tower.", the billionaire stated, blunt as always. Barton was awake now, Natasha leaned forwards and the doctor flinched. 

"JARVIS, show us this mornings' CCTV", a screen lit up on the wall. Steve didn't want to re-watch today's events, but did anyway. It was a different angle then his point of view, but that didn't make things better. Silence fell over the room, as the recording stopped. 

"Well, Cap's therapy failed." The Soldier clenched his fists and the red-haired spy shot Tony a warning glare. 

"Shut it, Stark!"

"Yeah not cool, man", agreed the archer from the other side of the table. 

"But he's right", Steve's voice was dry. He still wore his running clothes, the shirt suddenly uncomfortably tight.

"It was not your fault." Natasha tried to comfort him, "Unlike someone else in this room you tried to help.". Now it was Tony who glared. Steve didn't care about their argument. He'd heard all this before, after he had failed saving his best friend.

Somehow he always failed. Even that strange kid on the terrace. He failed them all. 


The Soldier snapped out of his trance, when a hand grabbed his arm. Bruce. Steve nodded thankfully, than turned his head around. 

"There was no corpse." All eyes snapped to the muscular blond. "I- I looked down after...the incident, there was no trace of the kid's body!" Tony jumped up from his seats. 

"JARVIS? The video!" The screen showed the tower's surroundings, right before the incident. The boy appeared on the edge, than he jumped. It was - without question - completely intentional. Nothing pushed or forced him, he just stepped back. As if it was the easiest thing in the world. He fell, and fell, ten feet, twenty, sixty... Then the black-haired kid disappeared. 

No puff, no helicopter, he just disappeared into thin air. 

"Stop, stop, stop!", interfered Stark, waving his hands, "Again, JARVIS, again. Zoom in! And make it slow-motion!" Same result as before: The boy fell - down to something near floor 75, then: Woosh. Disappeared. 

"Looks like a glitch", the female agent stated, seemingly interested. Tony scoffed. 

"My cameras don't glitch!", he exclaimed angrily. Natasha looked at him, unfazed and pointed at the screen, where the video continued in a loop. 

"Then explain what happened instead"  

The billionaire threw his hands in the air.

"How am I supposed to know? Maybe he just...teleported away!" 

"That's impossible", the doctor interfered once again.

"Hey, you turn into a fat, green guy when getting angry, Bruce, don't tell me what's possible!"

"Because I got hit by gamma radiation!"

"Well, maybe the kid got hit by something too, or struck by lightning, who knows?!?", Tony crossed his arms. "The only thing I know is that he didn't get hit by a truck, because before touching the ground he disappeared!" 


Steve's fist smashed into punching bag, sending it flying across the room. Oh how he wished it was Tony's face-

No, he interrupted his own thought, No violence against teammates!

The soldier wiped his face dry with a towel and quickly changed into a new shirt. Ruffling his blond hair, he made his way upstairs to the kitchen. Natasha sat there, her feet resting on the table scrolling through her phone. They exchanged a quick nod before he opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange juice.

The cold liquid cooled his head down, as he made himself comfortable in a chair and opened today's newspaper. It was boring, nothing special had happened the last few days but it was a good way to distract himself from reality and make time go by faster.

The minutes passed, Romanoff brew some coffee and handed it to Steve in one of Tony's oversized mugs. Sometimes they witnessed Stark drink three of these in one go. No nice sight. The sleep deprived billionaire doubtlessly worried everyone his surroundings with his careless behavior. Mostly Pepper of course. 

Suddenly a familiar voice rang out through one of the speakers at the ceiling. Clint's voice. 

"Guys? You hear me? I'm near the 10th avenue corner 28th street right now. And this is really interesting. Look." 

A screen in the wall lit up, similar to the one in the meeting room. It made some clicking, rustling noise, and the screen flickered a little, then showed the video of a camera attached to the archers suit. It was a rather dark alley and the video shook when the agent took some steps. 

Then the camera turned around, presenting a lying figure, slumped together on the ground. Dark stains of blood were sprinkled across the walls. Steve recognized the mob of spiky black hair and the dirty purple cloth instantly. 

Realisation hit him like a truck (Yes, the truck that didn't hit our Sasuke) but Clint took the words from his mouth:

"I think I found our kid" 


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