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Sasuke Uchiha's head was a mess

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Sasuke Uchiha's head was a mess. Not only the realisation that Kaguya had forced him into this strange dimension but all the new sensations made him go insane. 

It was loud in this big village, stinky and the thick air made him uncomfortable. He had used his last chakra reserves to body flicker from that tower into the small alley, were he had passed out. He was kind of relived to drift into the dark void, for a minute, maybe an hour. 

Just that short time being in this world had completely drained him. Pathetic.

Sasuke couldn't remember the last time he had shut his senses and guard down this far, probably never, but when he woke up his surroundings had changed drastically. He scolded himself for not staying awake, even though he new it was useless. His body wouldn't have been able to hold on longer. 

The exhaustion was just so unbelievable overwhelming! 

Sasuke didn't open his eyes, instead he listened closely and tried to feel his surroundings. 

First it was definitely a new environment, not the dark alley. The surface which his numb body lay on was soft and way more comfortable. 

He heard distant whisper, but couldn't piece it together. It was like the faint rustling of wind. 

Second he was inside a building. The air was still, and didn't move at all, furthermore he couldn't make out any noises, aside from the quiet whisper and some constant clicking sounds. 

Bright white light shone through his closed eyelids waking him up completely. 

Then the door opened. Footsteps signaled that someone - three people - had entered the room. 

"JARVIS, body scan!" Sasuke recognized the voice, but couldn't associate it with anyone. The word 'Jarvis' was kind of familiar too, but completely strange at the same time. 

"Body scan complete, sir!", Sasuke nearly flinched at this new voice that seemed to come from everywhere. It didn't sound real though.

"Health conditions: okay.
Wounded: severely, mainly at torso.
Heartbeat: steady.
Breathing: okay.
He seems to be awake, sir. You may talk to him now.", Well who or whatever this JARVIS was, he was a great analysand. 

"Well, well, well. What's your name, kiddo?" Sasuke sat up but didn't answer. The light really was bright. If he hadn't spend so many months in Orochimaru's lab, it would have dazzled him. Everything was white. The walls, the desk at one side of the room and the floor. The bed he sat on also was, except light grey blanket and pillow. On wall was a big mirror, probably one-sided.

The environment definitely reminded him of the pale snake. He shivered. These times were one of his worst memories. His body ached just from thinking of it.   

Over all, the room measured something like 30x18x10 feet. Sasuke took in all these information within two seconds. 

Playing innocent was always a good idea. He wasn't a person to watch and wait, but mainly because of his brothers death his behavior had changed. He thought more. 

"What is your name?", the man repeated. Sasuke blinked , keeping a straight face. His visitors were two men and one woman. One man, the one that had spoken had dark hair and wore a pair of sun glasses, the other one already had some grey hair and was seemingly uncomfortable. He fidgeted with his fingers and avoided Sasuke's gaze. And he smelled like disinfectant and medication. A doctor.

Both men hat witnessed him run - or rather jump away. 

The third person was a woman with red hair and a cold face. She looked and acted more like a shinobi than the other two, but of course nothing near a fully trained chunin. With the right will and motivation, a genin could probably take her out. She didn't had chakra after all. 

Well, she had chakra. They all had. But it was as much as a civilian of Konoha got in his arm. 

"Name.",  sunglasses-man demanded again. Well, a pseudonym would be good. Sasuke needed a name he could identify with. As soon as he was out of here, he'd change his appearance and get a new alias. 

He should probably keep a Japanese name. Sasuke could speak western languages pretty well, all kids in Academy learned at least English, but he still had a clear accent. 

"Naruto Uzumaki.", the name fell naturally from his lips, and filled his mouth with a bitter taste. 

I'm sorry, Naruto, he thought, I'm gonna use your name for a little bit. Sasuke didn't want to dirty his best friends name, but their was no other option. He would and could never pretend his brother's name to be his, and there was simply no one he was as familiar with as Naruto. 

Sunglasses raised an eyebrow but nodded. 

"So what exactly were you doing on my roof, kid?" 

"Not a kid." The man's eyebrow rose higher.

"What exactly were you doing on my roof, kid?" 

"Not a kid." 

They stared at each other, a minute, then two. Sasuke didn't give it all he'd got - of course not, he couldn't use a trembling mess of a man, shaking and begging on his knees. 

Would be funny though. 

Sunglasses was the one to break they eye contact. Now the red lady decided to interfere.

"Leave it to me, Stark" So his name was Stark... Sunglasses fit him better. 

"So, what were you doing there, Naruto?", she asked, her voice was definitely threatening. Nothing to scare him, but he respected her more than sunglasses or the shy doc. Handicapped, blindfolded and without weapons and chakra she may be good fighting opponent. 

"Waking up." Sasuke kept his answers short and monotone. Just like years of experience as a shinobi had told him. It was important not to show any character. Not to show anything that helped them track or recognize him. 

"Do you know how you got there?" He stayed silent. What now? Tell them? Nah. Lie? Why? He decided to use the best and only answer worthy an Uchiha: 


"That means?" Sasuke shrugged, amused over Sunglasses' clenched fists. Was the man angry because the answers were still so short, or because Red at least got something out of him?

The Woman suddenly stopped and tipped her ear, obviously listening to something or someone. Sasuke didn't try to understand what was said, he didn't care. Red straightened up and turned her head to the two men. 

"I gotta go, boss called. Try to get something out of him if you want, Stark.", she chuckled, "Otherwise he's all yours, Bruce. Do your doctor check-up thing.", Then she left and Sunglasses followed her, leaving a murderous killer in form of a teen boy and the fidgety Doctor behind. 

Sasuke smiled. 


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