Chapter Two

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Dorian finished sweeping and vacuum cleaning the interior of both the studio space and the bedroom and looked over his handiwork with a critical eye. The furnishing was sparse but everything was in its rightful place and without a speck of dust to cover a single surface. Even Max's toys had their own corner. It had been nigh on a week since he signed the renting contract and he couldn't be more content with the milestone.

For at least a year, he would have a secure home for his daughter, a safe environment to grow, play and learn. With the decision, a heavy burden had fallen off his back and Dorian felt ten times lighter.

All their possessions had been moved in and given a spot, he had fully settled and believe it or not, even bought food to stock the second-hand fridge that stood in the nook of their living room. The only downside to their new abode was the absence of a kitchen. But understanding how important it was for a growing child to ingest nutritious meals, Finn had been kind enough to offer to share her kitchen.

All the picture was missing now was a certain someone, whose level of cuteness crossed all boundaries and could melt the coldest of glaciers.

'They're on their way!' Dorian announced, bouncing with excitement after receiving a text from his friend. Finn nodded along, smiling with a forced look of elation.

What has the world come to, she thought bitterly as she realised with sinking mortification that she was nervous to meet a toddler.

The clock's hand dragged by as minutes passed. At the ringing tones of the bell, Dorian sprinted towards the front door, taking up the role of a giddy puppy.


A pair of small arms were tightly wrapped around his legs, nearly making him lose his balance. Leaning down and hoisting his baby girl up in his arms, Dorian began covering every inch of her face in affection.

'I - missed - you.' He said, each word followed by a swift peck.


'Are you calling me silly?' he gasped, staring at his giggling daughter with mock-astonishment –only causing more giggles to spill from her lips as she nodded vigorously and met her father's stare with that mischievous streak of hers, glinting in the depths of her eyes.

'Alright then. Now have you been good to Mase?'

'Perfectly well-behaved, as per usual.' His friend, who identified himself as Mason, commented and joined in on the conversation as he stepped over the threshold. 'We went for a walk in Regent's Park didn't we?' He looked down at Max for conformation, who nodded wholeheartedly.

'And what did you do in the park, Max?'

'I picked flowers,' his baby girl announced proudly. 'For the house-lady.'

'All on your own?? With no help from Mase?'

Vigorously, Maxène moved her head up and down and lifted a hand to present her father with a small bunch of wild flowers. 'All on my own.'

His response was a light, amused chuckle. 'That's my girl, I'm positive our house-lady will love them.'

Looking up, Dorian saw his friend had taken an interest to something other than them. 'Now I understand why you insisted on renting this place.' Mason talked under his breath with a teasing tone.

He whipped his head around to see what he was talking about, and was met with the sight of Fionnoula, patiently standing at the foot of the stairs as she waited to be introduced, studying her tights-covered feet with utmost interest.

Noticing the attention had been averted in her direction, Finn immediately began to fiddle with the ends of her skirt, pulling on them and cursing under her breath whenever they would slide back up her legs, completely disregarding her attempt to keep the hemline at a decent height. She felt their eyes burn into her skin, and the inspection did not help comfort her in the slightest.

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