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Hoseok's Pov


Doctor starts panicking , That's not possible I need him , I look at Jin hyung he turns pale.


My senses divert towards Jungkook , he was looking at jin hyung like asking for answers that were never answered to him.

Jin Hyung was busy talking to Yoongi hyung's lying body like he was the only source of oxygen.

Suddenly I start confronting how I met Yoongi Hyung , How he saved me from those rogues.

He was wild , I was appalled and horrified seeing him kill four rogues in his human form , his white shirt was stained with blood he was blemished.

He was not even in his human wolf form .

When I said my dad this , he said I'm insane maybe , I just saw some strange dream ,but I didn't stop bugging him till he pointed out maybe Hyung was a true blood , but again he chuckled , he says I quote "Even if he is true blood baby , that's not possible , but I believe in you." I sighed........

I remember when I met him the second time he was the same cold pale scary cat.

Tears start brimming my eyes.

Suddenly door opens breaking our daze.

"Hyung , jimin is awake."

Namjoon's bright smile turns into frown.

Doctor suddenly smiles.

"I found it."

Everyone looks at doctor.

"His breathing is laboured."

He sighs , removing his stethoscope from his ears and slightly hanging it around his shoulders.

"But his wolf....."

He again examined hyung.

"I don't know , someone or something is overpowering him."

"Same ....., same back then , 'HE SAID THE SAME'."

Jin hyung starts walking backwards slowly and the words said by him rings in my mind like a bell in the church , loud and sharp.

But I remember nothing...

What is he talking about??!

He suddenly turns with the speed of light , pull the door open and starts running.

I look at Namjoon he glanced towards Me and Jungkook and turns to catch Hyung...

I saw his brimming eyes ready to flow.

Namjoon stops when he sees Kai all mystify , entering.

They exchange glances and Namjoon runs to hold jin hyung in his arms.

Kai looks at me , pointing towards the door.

My brimming eyes with tears answered all his questions as he runs by my side.

"I have always idolised him , He has been my inspiration , I dreamt of meeting him in some big seminar , but never this way...."

Doctor says.

"Never , 'NEVER' in my life I have ever met such a case or heard about it."

"I don't know what's wrong with him."

"His body even his heart is completely hypnotized by someone or something I don't know."

"I don't know , Did he find his mate."

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