5 ⌁ Sasuke

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Sasuke stared at the ceiling in 'his room' and desperately tried to not-see all the similarities to the quarters in Oromchimaru's lab

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Sasuke stared at the ceiling in 'his room' and desperately tried to not-see all the similarities to the quarters in Oromchimaru's lab. He lay there, forcing himself to breath slowly and controlled. Sasuke didn't want to be here. Not in this world, not in this tower-like house and most importantly not in this room.

He definitely wouldn't be able to sleep tonight, not here, probably not anywhere. He wasn't even sure anymore, how he ended up, agreeing to stay here for the night. 

They - Sasuke and the people that owned this tower - had discussed fairly long. More than one time he had been tempted to just end their sorry lives, but he had stopped himself because...he wasn't sure why.

Sasuke had gathered a lot of information just from talking to them. Most of them held themselves upright and were certainly aware of their surroundings, but only a few seemed to have a fair amount of experience.

Red - she was the woman he had observed the most - was definitely experienced in combat and seemed to be some kind of a spy. Her stance was open and relaxed as if she wasn't expecting an attack, but that was clearly a trap.

Sasuke had noticed the way her eyes traced over his body scanning for weaponry and signs of danger. He had noticed the way her fingers twitched every time someone moved. And he had noticed the way she positioned herself in the room, always able to quickly take advantage of the situation. The way she stood near the door, her back facing the wall, so nobody could sneak up from behind.

Yes, she definitely had some training under her belt.

On the side of his bed stood a small alarm clock. He glanced at the dial. 02:34 am. Already that late, huh? (A/N I know that's not late for all of you sleep deprived individuals)

Sasuke wouldn't sleep, that was for sure. And since everyone was probably in their quarters by now he decided to finally leave this disgusting room. The bed wasn't comfortable anyway.

He was surprised his door hadn't been locked, the floor probably was. Not comfortable, but nothing he wasn't familiar with.

He would have found the 'common room' with the kitchenette blindfolded. Sasuke walked slowly through the decently decorated hallway, his feet barely leaving a sound. The walls were sparely decorated with pictures and drawings. Most of them showed those strange metal carriages he had seen in the streets before passing out.

A faint light shone through the doorway to the common room. Sasuke slowed his pace until he stopped in the door frame, peeking around the corner. On the couch next to the window sat the red lady, a big mug in her hand, silently flipping the pages of a book.

Her movements stopped for a second and he saw her eyes flick to the side, then slowly tracing the floor and walls, until they returned to the book. 

Sasuke decided to show himself. 

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