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Taehyung's Pov

As we get out of Jiminie's room Kai hyung takes a deep breath.

He pats me.

"Go in tae , I need to check on Hoseokie."

He gives me a small smile.

I just nod , and he takes his way to the guest room.

I look at the door and sigh.

15 years.....


"Taehyungie baby , slow down."

My mom turns to scold me as I brag in like every another day.

"Okay mommy."

I giggle.

"Look Jiminie , it's so beautiful."

Jimin slowly open his eyes.

He smile fondly , taking in the soft white flower.

"It is tae."

Mom helps Jimin to sit.

I look at Jiminie.

I hate it....

That day.....

Jiminie's soft burning hands touch me...

I don't jump up , I'm used to it by now...

5 long months...

"Who gave you those , baby??"

Mom asked eyeing the flower.

"Mrs.lee mom."


Mom hums handling Jimin a glass of luke warm water with his daliy medicines.

He shrinks.

But alas , he takes them at last.

I remembered...

5 Months ago...

Suddenly namjoon hyung pulls me towards the garden.

"Hyung , why are we here??"

He tries to change the topic.

"Look their tae , they are blooming."

We hear a car roar .....

"Hyung , Who are they?"

Hyung sits down near the blooming flower.



"Mom said , Mrs.Min is her school time bestfriend."

"And Mr.Min is dad's pamper buddy."

I chuckle imagining dad in pampers.

We hear a car engine die.

We look at each other.

As a reflex.

"I'll make some excuse , but let's check on Jiminie."

I nod as a retort.

Hyung pulls me and we make our way towards the mansion.

Mom's request broke me from my stupor...

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