I'm soft!!!

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Jimin's Pov

I can smell RASPBERRY + PEPPERMINT mixed with VANILLA JASMINE RESINS + BERGAMOT in the corridor , It's titillating.

I cease my scent.

My heart was ready to burst out of chest.

I take deep calming breaths clutching my pacing heart.

I pat my burning tomato cheeks.

"You need to calm down Jimin."

I hear footsteps.

My body go rigid against the door , my body weight was reclining on.

I straighten , and brush my hair back.

I inhale sharply and find my body gaining back it's normal temperature.

Mrs.lee gives me a warm morning smile.

I return the gesture.

"How are you feeling my child?"


She chortle.

And looked at the door adjacent to me.

"Did you check on him?"

Her voice was laced with worry.


She smile at me.

"How is he?"

"He's gonna join us for the breakfast."


"You should have informed me earlier."

"Mrs.lee it's nothing."

"You don't get it."

She turn on her heels , I'm sure , ready to set a feast again.

I giggle.

She turns to just show me her white wash teeths.

"Stop giggling , and help me to wake everyone up."

I salute.

"Yes , Mam."

And she disappears in the corridor.

I look at my room door and then at the door adjacent to my room.

I nod at my thoughts.

Let's wake up tae at last.

They were looking exhaust last night.

I sigh while looking at the door opposite to tae's pastel purple door.

I skip towards Namjoon hyung's latter room knowing well there is no chance he is in there.

I take elevator to the second floor.

A dark brown door welcome me with a smart black fingerprint room security.

I sigh annoyingly , Why did he shift his home office in his resting place.

So that he can overwork himself??

I glare at the door.

I scan my thumb.

It makes a peep noise.

I pull the knob.

And enter.


I cover my mouth with both of my palms.

So that I don't make a noise.

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