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'Sasuke watches his own 'funeral' from above

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'Sasuke watches his own 'funeral' from above. 

 Clouds cover the sky, he knows, even though he can't look up. His body floats over the crowd of people that visit the graveyard. He can't move, just stare down at them. 

The shinobi below him haven't gathered around one particular grave as they had at the last funeral he'd attended in konoha - Hiruzen Sarutobi's. 

No, they are splattered around between the memorial stones, it is clear that everyone is mourning their own losses. 

He sees some small groups around bigger memorial stones, other people are crouched down alone in front of a single rock shedding silent tears. 

And other graves have no visitors at all. 

Sasuke notices what seems to be an elderly woman in civil clothing, who stares with empty eyes at a small memorial stone. Her hand is clenched and she is trembling. He isn't able see the words on the grave, but the woman looks a lot like one of the students from his class back at the academy.

Sasuke sometimes hates his nearly photographic memory.

Suddenly he spots a familiar yellow mob and there, right next to it, hair colored like cherry blossoms. 

Naruto. Sakura. 

A few feet behind his students stands Kakashi, hands in his pockets, head facing the ground. Sasuke doesn't pay attention to the pale, black haired boy in the back that holds respectful distance to the mourning trio.

Sasuke only has eyes for these three.  Suddenly he feels the overwhelming urge to see them. Look into their eyes, feel their presence. His vision changes, he finally moves.  

Then he is in front of them, and he regrets wishing to be. Naruto is crying, it is not the first time Sasuke sees him like that, but...it is. His friend's eyes are red and teary, nothing left from the cheeky grin he'd always shown. 
Sasuke has never seen Naruto this worn out and broken before. 

Sakura doesn't look any better, he can still see the dried tears that have streamed down her face, her emerald eyes look endlessly tired and numb. She has rested her hand on Naruto's shoulder, to steady him or herself, Sasuke isn't sure. 

Lastly Kakashi. The sensei has his gazed fixed on the memorial stone his fists are clenched tightly, eyes cold as steel. Sasuke can see his lips tremble under the tight black mask.  

Sasuke's eyes return to Naruto's sapphire ones. He reaches out and...his fingers slowly stroke the blonde's cheek. He feels the soft skin, wet from tears against his hand. 

Naruto flinches.

His eyes flicker left and right searching for something, Sasuke stumbles back. And then their eyes cross. Naruto gasps and stares at him, squinting his eyes but doesn't break the connection. He grabs into thin air, right where Sasuke has 'stood' second's before. He-

Something far to the left explodes and throws team 7 to the ground.

Someone cries out in pain. 

Sasuke's vision goes black.'

Sasuke's eyes snapped open and his vision filled with blinding light.

He took a heavy breath, his arm was reached out to the white ceiling. Reaching out to Naruto.
He felt the hard floor of 'his room' in his back where he'd fallen asleep.

 What- what had just happened?! The tips of his fingers that had touched Naruto's cheek were still wet. 


"Good morning, Mr. Uzumaki!" The voice came out of nowhere, Sasuke was up in a flash.

"It's currently six a.m.! The weather is rainy but warm. Would you like me to elaborate?" It took a second for him to register the voice. JARVIS. That strange robot thing. 

Sasuke didn't like the way this being seemed to see and know everything. It had complete control of his surroundings, which made him paranoid in a uncomfortably familiar way. It was like Orochimaru in his lab. Despite the people that lived here, despite the fact that this AI had been created by Tony Stark- The tower was JARVIS' domain. And Sasuke didn't trust it -or them- at all. 

Sasuke got up, careful not to move or damage the bandages around his torso. The pain was not the worst he'd had - not even near - but he had enough experience to know how these wounds could handicap him in battle.  

"You're being awaited in the kitchen, Mr. Uzumaki.", JARVIS told him, again Sasuke held back the urge to flinch or show reaction to the startling voice. The fact that he was watched all the time alarmed his senses. He would have to cast a genjutsu over this room later. His chakra reserves had started to rebuild over night, but he still felt a hollow feeling in his chest. At this rate he had to be careful with using to much of his energy. 

Sasuke had slept in his normal clothes. Traveling shinobi always did and he knew enough people that didn't change out of their armor and gear even after weeks of being home again. Many never slept in anything else again, the fear of being attacked at night was burned into their mind forever. Life-saving habits died hard. 

Sasuke missed the reassuring weight of his katana at his belt. He felt a little naked without it.

The hallway to the common room was brightly lit, a stark contrast to the looming darkness last night. 

Muffling sounds, and silent voices filled his ears when he approached the slightly opened door. 

Taking two quick breaths he pushed it open. Within a second all eyes lingered on his figure as he entered the room. Sasuke didn't hesitate or  felt bothered by the attention. He has been stared at before, most time of his life people have been gawking and throwing glances whenever he makes an appearance. It was nothing new. Nothing, Sasuke cared about. 

Stark quickly continued to read something on some sort of a hologram. Sasuke had seen some of them in the lab of Orochimaru, but he never saw the need (or had the time) to figure out how they worked. It was probably different in this world anyway. 

The brown haired male sipped from his overdimensional mug. Natasha was at the window, holding some small metal plate to her ear. She threw him the hint of a smile before furrowing her brows at something, looking at the device in her hand. 

The smile was fake for sure, and Sasuke wasn't bothered by that either. 

His senses tingled and warned him a few moments before a ping! rang out. The metal door in the corner slid open revealing a small room, also built of metal. Was that a very modern lift? Didn't you only use them for transportation of very heavy objects? Or in hospitals or something?

Rogers stepped out. Guess you cold consider him a very heavy object. The blond looked like he had been thrown into a pool. Or like he had run a few hundred miles in an hour. The hair stuck to his head. 

Stark raised an eyebrow.

"Not taking the stairs today, Cap?" 

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