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A/N: Guess what I found? A cute (not so little) plot-mistake

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A/N: Guess what I found? A cute (not so little) plot-mistake. It's about our favorite archer Clint who has already made an appearance in this book. Despite the fact that he was kidnapped by Loki right at the beginning of the movie. 

Huh, how's that possible? No idea, are there two Bartons? Maybe, let's just say he suddenly disappeared. 

This probably confirmed the fact that I wrote most of this story half asleep at four a.m.

"Not taking the stairs today, Cap?" Tony Stark mused when the Captain entered, heaving for air. The blond ignored the comment, leaving Tony sulking, and taking a calming sip from his coffee. 

"Lo-", deep breath "Loki!" Rogers exclaimed. Natasha was suddenly very interested, she basically stabbed Rogers with her (very intense) glare. Oh right - Barton... 

The super soldier finally managed to catch enough breath to spit out whole sentences. 

"Loki- Loki is in Germany in Stuttgart! He- he has the Tesseract!" Silence. Only for a second though, because it was forcefully interrupted by the black-haired kid. This was the first time they heard him speaking this morning but his cold voice cut through the air like a blade. 

Tony wasn't someone to be taken aback easily but that guy's presence alone send shivers down his spine. 

"Tesseract" The word was spoken carefully, as if the kid was experimenting with it's sound, tasting it on his tongue. "What's that?" The dark eyes shifted to Tony, because sure why not? Tony flinched. Bottomless holes filled with darkness, pulling him down. That damn creepy stare- 

Should they just- tell him though? I mean, why not? But- 

Tony glanced at Bruce who just shrugged, then at Rogers. Steve was still slightly panting -he really ran here, huh? - but he was luckily very quick to read the room. A few seconds passed before the blond nodded. 

Well, Tony couldn't be blamed when he gave in to the frightening stare. 

"It's a power-source. For- for limitless energy." Something in Naruto's - it felt weird to call him by that name - face fell though the mask recovered quickly. But...the expression had changed. Was that a grin? 

No, not really, but the most similar to a real reaction Tony had ever seen on his face.

It freaked him out and he didn't know why.

"How do we get there?" Natasha threw in, directing the conversation to a completely new topic. Cap straightened, clearing his throat.

"There is-"

"Sir, an unauthorised quinjet has landed on the helipad. Floor 80. It's probably send by SHIELD." JARVIS' calm voice interrupted. 

Tony forced himself to a grin. It stretched naturally across his features. 

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