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I started climbing down the ladder to my sub lair, I walked over to the control panel and accessed my back up clones and selected Tiny Rick, once I had him selected I walked over to the empty vat then stepped in, the door closed automatically and I attached the mind transfer wires to my head then the vat began to fill with neon green liquid "so long you old bastard, say hello to Tiny Rick" I said stepping out of the other vat as Tiny Rick, I got dressed and went back up to the garage as I got to the top I saw that Morty had fallen asleep "oh wow did it really take that long" I said looking to the clock on the wall "oh shit it took two hours" I walked over to Morty and gently lifted him up then shot a portal to his room and placed him on his bed then left the room "oh hey dad" Beth said surprised "hey Beth" I answered "so your Tiny Rick again"? She asked "yeah, it's permanent this time" I said "oh, is everything ok"? She asked sounding concerned "yeah everything is fine, Morty is going through some mixed emotions so I decided that it would be best to help him figure out what's causing it and ultimately fix the issue" I lied convincingly, Beth nodded and walked away I sighed in relief then decided to go watch some inter dimensional cable.


I wonder what's going on with Morty maybe I should talk to him, I walked up to his bedroom door and knocked, I walked in after hearing a muffled come in "hey Morty is everything ok"? I asked "huh y-yeah e-everything is fine mom, just mixed emotions is all" he answered "you can talk to me about anything Morty" I said, after I said that Morty's eyes began to fill with tears "Morty what's wrong"? I asked pulling him in for a hug "I can't say" he said "Morty I can handle whatever it is" I said softly "no mum I really can't tell you, you'll hate me" he mumbled "Morty I could never hate you" I said soothingly, Morty looked up at me with big doe eyes and whispered "I kissed Rick and he kissed me back" he immediately backed away and curled up preparing himself for yelling "I-I l-Lo-ve him more then a grandfather" he mumbled softly "Morty why didn't you tell me sooner" I said softly, Morty's head shot up in shock "I-I thought that you'd be angry" he said "what, never, Morty you can't help who you fall in love with, god has a path and a plan for all of us before we are even born, Morty this is your path and you must walk down it no matter what happens and how much pain may follow, this path is yours and it's shared with Rick, you both share the same path and will walk it together regardless of what others may think" I said, Morty was smiling his tears had stopped flowing and he was hugging me "thank you for understanding, thank you thank you thank you" he said "that's a mums job Morty to be there for her children and to listen and understand what there going through and to be able to help them to the best of her ability" I said hugging Morty tightly "as long as your happy" I said smiling.


Wow Mum is really smart, I'm surprised that she took it so well, I mean I had to tell her it was eating away at me not being able to talk about it properly, now Rick and I can be with each other without having to be secretive about it, I got up and went to the bathroom then I went downstairs to find Rick, I snuck up on him and placed my hands over his eyes "guess who" I said playfully "Morty, your awake" he said with a chuckle "yup" I said as I walked around to sit down on the sofa, I cuddled up to Rick and got comfy "I told mum" I said softly "you told her" Rick said sounding panicked and tried to get up "relax you idiot mums fine with it" I said wrapping my arms around his waist, Rick snaked his left arm around my waist and used his right hand to run his fingers through my hair, I sighed contentedly and truly happy I'm the moment "I love you Rick" I said softly "I love you to Morty" Rick responded with a gentle kiss to my forehead.

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