Seeing Her Again

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Reminder- this is a one-shot so one part

PV Pov

I walked along the Vanilla Kingdom with my two friends beside me. Dark Cacao and Hollyberry Cookie. It is nice to walk and talk to your good friends after many years of separation. Golden Cheese Cookie is yet to be found and......White Lily.......I miss her we were really close friends we attended the same academy together......
"Something wrong my friend?" Hollyberry asked me. "No nothings wrong I was just thinking about something. " "Are you thinking about White Lily?" Dark  Cacao asks still looking forward. I nodded. "You do remember she is, you know Dark Enchantress Cookie? You told us about it. Maybe after our victory on the war White Lily will return to us." Hollyberry says. I nodded. "I suppose so...."  "How about we drink some berry juice since that rule book is away at the Crème Republic."  Hollyberry says looking at the inn nearby.  "I suppose one cup wouldn't be so bad."  Dark  Cacao says. 
"You two can go I'll just go check up on the new townsfolk."  I said waving goodbye to my friends.  Ever since Clotted Cream Cookie took the soul jam I felt like I was gonna crumble soon.  It is true that the gems did prevent the ancients from crumbling.  Since it's gone I have felt weaker from the separation of it but , I know they will return it soon.  I noticed some cookies surrounding a specific spot.  I walked over there to check it out.  "What is going on?"  I ask one of the cookies.  "Oh Pure Vanilla,  someone fell through some sort of portal/rift in the ground and some of us are trying to find a way to get them out."  The cookie told me.  I push my way to the front to see a decently big hole in the ground that leads to another place with an injured cookie on the other side.  "One of you tell Hollyberry and Dark  Cacao Cookie to come over they are at the inn I'll be going down to heal the cookie.  I slowly descend down the portal/rift/hole.                

"Hello I'm here to help you, where does it hurt?"  I asked kneeling next to the cookie.  "My leg it cracked in half when I fell down."  The cookie said.  "Alright"  I said starting to heal the cookie.  After a min the cookies leg was fully attached again.  Some cookies had thrown down a rope for us to get out I help the cookie climb up first.  Before I can climb up the portal/rift closed immediately cutting the rope.  !!! Am I stuck here now!?!??!  I look around.  What is this place?  My eyes widen to notice that this was the academy.....'What..?  T-The academy how did this rift lead me here???  I must find a way out.'  I started walking through the halls of the now run down school.  It brings back so much seems like the rift had made me fall into the library of the academy.

I feels like I'm being watched....I continue to walk through the library.  I forgot how big this place is.  I wonder if the ghost/staff still work here.  I heard someone  run behind me.  !!!! I turn around immediately and saw a cookie with white hair run pass a corner.  "Hey wait!!!"  I said chasing after them.  I couldn't make out who it was but they seems to have white hair and wearing a green outfit.  I continue to chase them.  "Wait!!!  Who are you!!!"  I stopped running panting from tiredness the cookie got away.  I was hoping if they knew how to get out of the academy and back to Vanilla Kingdom..... I started walking again to find a way out.  It has been so long since I have been here that I forgot where the exit is.  I look around all those memories with White Lily....she was always trying so hard to make the perfect cookie I had to stop her when I was younger.  My staff nudges me and looks up ahead of the hallway.  ?  "The cookie?"  I said looking up was the cookie I slowly walked up to them.  I stopped after being 2 feet away from them.  Why does the cookie look like White Lily Cookie?  She can't be here she's Dark Enchantress Cookie unless its another illusion of her powers.  I took a step back I didn't want to be too close to this cookie.  "Um excuse me?  Do you know where the exit is?"  I asked the cookie.  The cookie turned around.  "Pure Vanilla Cookie?  What are you doing here?"  I looked at the cookie.  "Its me White Lily Cookie what are you doing here?"  I backed away.  "A-Are you really White Lily Cookie?"  I asked being cautious.  "....Seems like you know I am Dark Enchantress Cookie....I'm a little fragment of While Lily...."  

White Lily had told me that she would fade away soon since Dark Enchantress Cookie is too powerful and so her existence will be gone.  I cry tears of joy to finally see White Lily I hugged her crying onto her.  I felt White Lily hug me back patting my back over and over again.  "There, there PV it has been quite sometime...."  "White Lily can you come to the Vanilla Kingdom with me?  The others would be so happy to see you."  I say letting go of the hug.  White Lily seemed happy at first but then got upset.  "I'm sorry my dear Pure Vanilla but.....I can't come with you to see the others.  I'm stuck in the academy."  While Lily says.  "Oh....then can we spend some um time together to make up the time we haven't seen each other."  I said.  "Of course it sounds nice spending my last moments with you."  

We ran around the halls playing with each other avoiding the staffs like the old days but I got tired much more easier.  "What's wrong gotten too old?"  White Lily joked.  "Hah hah real funny White Lily."  I said taking a deep breathe.  

-3 hours later-

We looked outside at the window of the academy.  It looked just like the night sky.  "...Pure Vanilla?"  White Lily says.  "Hm?"  I said looking at her.  "I is time for me to go....."  White Lily says looking at her left arm which was now gone.  "B-but"  White Lily smiles at me.  "It was to get to enjoy my last moments with you PV....since I'm going I want to tell you something.....I loved you for a while now.  You are the most kindest cookie I have ever met."  White Lily says as her legs slowly start to fade.  "I...I love you to White Lily I have missed you so much I am grateful that I was able to see you again."  I said before While Lily kissed me.  "Make sure to win this war for me and all the cookies and don't be upset that you won't see me in a long time again ok?"  I nodded.  White Lily hands me a while lily flower. "Goodbye my love."  White Lily says before pushing me with her right hand into a rift that had formed behind me.  "W-WAIT!!! WHITE LILY!!!!!!!!!"  I fell through the rift as White Lily smiles one last time before fully fading away.  Tears fall from my eyes.  I fall from the sky landing into a bush.  I stand up tears falling from my cheeks.  "PURE VANILLA COOKE!!!"  Hollyberry yells running towards me.  "Thank god you are alive after we heard you were helping a cookie out of a rift me and  Cacao ran as fast as we could to get to you but the rift had something wrong?  Your crying?  What happened in the rift???"  Hollyberry says.  "....White Lily...."  I said looking the white lily flower in my hand.  Dark  Cacao had made it to us.  "N-no way you got to see White Lily????"  Hollyberry seemed surprise while Dark Cocoa was slightly amazed.  "She is fully gone now but....there is still hope we will defeat Dark Enchantress Cookie."  


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