8 ⌁ Sasuke

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Well, interesting it got

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Well, interesting it got. For civilian standards. Sasuke thought it was ridiculous. 

Rogers sailed past him out of the open hatch, landing in front of an old geezer that was just about to get hit by a blast of lightning. Oh well. The energy that still radiated off the glowing tip of the staff spiked and Sasuke felt his skin tingle. 

They were playing raw power and Sasuke was starting to doubt the sanity of this world's people even further. How could they wish to control anything similar? People were so naive

But Sasuke had been part of Team 7 (Even if it was just for a short time) and he had some experience in dealing with people that neither understood his thoughts nor acted nearly as mature and calculating as he was in any way. So how bad could this get? 

The beam of light reflected from Rogers shield and hit the black haired man right into the chest, throwing him back. 

Sasuke watched as the man got up (beginner mistake on Rogers side to even let him get up again)  and attacked in turn. The man forced Rogers back, there was an admirable strength behind his hits, but over all their exchange of punches was petty to watch. 

Rogers rolled on the ground, and Sasuke just started to question his whole decision to wait a few moments, then steal the Tesseract and get the hell out of there, when Natasha in the cockpit cursed, before she started to chuckle softly. 

And then music filled his eardrums, loud and fast music, and the air tensed, and a bunch of gold and red shot from the sky. 

Gold and red. Great gods those colors nearly topped Naruto's orange in ugly obviousness, that was definitely not advised during fighting. 

Stark- Iron man dropped onto the ground and Sasuke mentally twitched at the loud clank! that sounded through the darkness when the armor's knee made contract with the stone. 

How did these guys even survive a second outside of their home?

The glowing thing in Stark's hand probably wasn't something to underestimate, still Sasuke was restraining himself from narrowing his eyes in disbelief as the green-clad man raised his hands in defeat. 

It could not be this easy. It shouldn't. Oh, how boring.

Sasuke leaned back against the cold wall, eyes closed, and drowned out the voices around him, as the man - Loki?- was seated opposite to him. 

He felt the burning gaze on his figure and spared the man a bored glance from half-lidded eyes. Loki flinched, but the grin that twisted the man's face was all too snake-like. 

Otherwise Sasuke ignored him even as Loki's growing unsatisfaction prickled on his skin annoyingly.

The roaring storm that began shaking the quin jet was not enough to pique Sasuke's interest, but he took note of Loki's uncomfortable shift and Roger's mocking: 

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