Chapter One

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The sound of blood rushing to your ears was never pleasant, nor the ringing that came after it. Isabeau could feel the burning in her hand, creeping up to her heart via her arm. Slowly the burning was taking over her body, the fire consuming her. She eventually stopped hearing the ringing and the blood rushing around, she couldn't even smell the blood from her wounds anymore.

Her vision blurred, she could hear only dead silence, she lost feeling in each limb. Not even feeling it when her lover cradled her failing body, not hearing what was whispered to her, only seeing the blurred movements around her. And slowly that went too, fading into a dark nothingness, one she didn't see a way out of, not this time.

Why begin here without telling you the full story? Well, why not dramatize the ending so you know what to expect? A long while ago Isabeau never imagined this being the end of her, but she couldn't control it nor complain. She lived a good life, a painful death wouldn't retract from it. Before she lost her mind to the death sweeping through her, she went back, deep into her thoughts, relishing in them one last time.

Remembering what brought her to Forks, Washington.


"Beau, come on!"

Isabeau groaned before rolling onto her stomach, still trying to enjoy the sun before it'd disappear forever. Recently her, her twin sister Bella, and her mother agreed that the girls would stay with their father Charlie in Forks, Washington. A place where sunshine and summer loving didn't exist.

Isabeau never hated the weather in Forks, she just hasn't left Phoenix in years. Bella was a much different story, she loved the heat, kind of like a cold blooded lizard, which they actually had one as a pet for a while. It didn't survive long.

Bella slid her arms underneath her twin before lifting them and completely throwing Isabeau off the deck chair she'd laid in. Isabeau stood up and finally decided to get ready, obviously Bella wasn't going to give her any peace if she didn't.

Their mother, Renée, just pinched the bridge of her nose while watching her girls. This was highly normal behavior but they should give it a rest every once in a while. At least today so they can make their plane on time.

"Lizzie are you ready?" Upstairs questioning every decision she's ever made was Elizabeth, but she only answers to Lizzie. She was Phil's -the twins step-father- daughter from a previous relationship. They were all around the same age, the twins and Lizzie. When they first met they hated each other, but warmed up after laying down a few ground rules and learning each other's boundaries. However Lizzie was always closer to Isabeau, her and Bella couldn't be bothered with each other.

Lizzie made the decision to go along with the twins to Forks. The issue was she's never been, neither has she ever met Charlie Swan. She thought it'd be a good idea at first, give Renée and her dad some alone time while they travel together. Now she hates herself for agreeing to it, staring down her packed bags like that's going to undo her poor choices.

Bella was already putting her stuff in the car, ready to go but hating the thought of it. Why did she agree? She didn't really want to be stuck alone with Renée and Phil for weeks on end. She loves them but sometimes they're just too much. Besides Bella and Isabeau were stuck together, they never went without the other. It's a twin thing really. It'd always just been her and Isabeau. Bella and Beau, even though that sounds like a 70's sitcom.

Isabeau finally came out to the car, sunglasses on, suitcase rolling behind her, and her summer dress in perfect condition. How she gets ready so quickly is a mystery to everyone, and perhaps it shall never be solved. Lizzie came soon after, grumbling and muttering, still wondering if it's too late to just lock herself in her room.

"My girls!" The sentimental squealing had them all internally switch to panic mode. It was time for Renée's death grip, the typical motherly hug. All three girls were uncomfortable smothered into a tight hug, Bella could have sworn Renée broke her spine in the awkward group hug.

Phil looked at his wife and daughters after packing away all the girls things. He doesn't really want them to leave, they're all stubborn like hell so even if he wanted to he couldn't change those girls mind's. For a long time it was just him and Lizzie, and he knew she was lonely, they both were. Then he met Renée, and things got better for them. Now he can't really imagine not having three teenagers creating chaos.

However a plus side was the fact he gets to sleep in so they had to go.

"Okay, I don't know about you girls, but I don't want to miss that plane, and Renée honey you're hugging them so tight their faces are turning purple." Renée huffed, releasing Bella, Isabeau, and Lizzie who's face's actually were purple from lack of oxygen. The family all piled into the car, looking forward to their own adventures. Well almost everyone was looking forward to it.

Lizzie glanced at Isabeau who held her hand and was leaning against Bella's shoulder. She looked puzzled, concerned, even scared. Lizzie squeezed her hand in comfort, drawing her attention.

"You okay Isabeau?" The question was resolved with a tight lipped smile and a hesitant nod.

"Yeah, something just feels off in the pit of my stomach. Maybe it's my period, or indigestion-"

"You better hope it's neither." Bella cut in the conversation trying to lighten the mood. It didn't work. Instead Isabeau just closed her eyes and tried to ignore the feeling crawling up her body, she really wanted to believe Forks would be good for them.

Even when she knew it wouldn't.

Welcome to the first chapter of this book. I would like to say that their are minor changes to the overall twilight we're used to but that's it, just small details to make sense with the story.

Enjoy reading it 💖.

Maude Apatow as Isabeau Swan.

Madison Davenport as Lizzie Dwyer.

Bill Skarsgård as Rhys Doran.

Phoebe Tonkin as Cecilia Morro.

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