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"So have you started writing your new book yet?"

"Honestly, no."

Signing her autograph on the first page of the book with a quote she gave the girl her book back, but not before passing her a beautiful smile of her own. Making the girls day.

Arzoo had came for a meet up with her readers. Since her new book was published today. The hall was full of people with different range of ages. The hall was decorated with lightings, flowers and her books. A huge line of people was waiting to get their book autographed by the author and meet her.

Another book replaced her desk, without lifting her eyes she signed her autograph.

"I am sure your this book would be a huge hit like the last one."

His rich silky voice brushed her skin like black velvet. A shiver chased its wake, born of equal parts pleasure and warning. She recognized that voice.

Her heart slowed a fraction of a beat, as her eyes bore into his mischievous one's.

Imran Bakhtiyar Sheikh.

She inhaled a small breath. Released. And smiled.

Surprise coasted through her eyes, before she could say anything, he interrupted her.

"Could you sign your autograph on this book too? One of my friend reads your book too. I am sure she would love it."

"Oh your friend." She plays along, mischievous flickering through her tone. "She probably be gorgeous."

"Are you sure, she is just a friend or maybe more?" She raised her eyebrows at him, totally teasing him.

A faint hint of pink colored his cheekbones.

Was he...blushing?

Her smile widens.

"M-Maybe..." Clearing his throat, he stole his gaze away from her and whispers, "Atleast from my side, yes. I don't know about her."

"I am sure your friend would have the same feelings for you too. Who wouldn't like a good boy like you?"

"Trust me, I am not a good boy." He smirks, as his eyes burn in hers, her skin flushed a faint red beneath his scrutiny.

"What's your name?"


Instead writing of quote, she wrote, 'To the lucky girl, who has a friend name Imran.'


It was late at night, Arzoo was walking down the dimly illuminated street. She's dressed casually in a sleevless yellow floral print maxi dress. When she heard a loud scream from faraway behind her.

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