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Phantom [Bradley Bradshaw love story] by UltaRoseMoon
Phantom [Bradley Bradshaw love sto...by 🌙
"You thought her father was something, you haven't seen her." Bradley Bradshaw x Fem (OC) [TopGun: Maverick] Started: July 13th, 2022 Finished: Aug. 1st, 2022
Stars - Iceman (Top Gun)  by SuperCatgirl2
Stars - Iceman (Top Gun) by SuperCatgirl2
Sarah 'Riser' Woods is a female pilot who was the youngest in her division to get into Top Gun. She befriends Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell and Nick 'Goose' Bradshaw, but a c...
DRIVE | Top Gun by didnoahschnapp
DRIVE | Top Gunby 𝐜𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐲ッ
❝you cant go on, thinkings nothing wrong, oh❞ based on the movie 'top gun' t.kazansky X fem!oc 𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇, lt. kat 'razor' hayes become the first woman fighter pilo...
Ride in this Life With You //Bradley Bradshaw by winterharleys
Ride in this Life With You //Bradl...by Shelby
Epilogue sequel to 'Back to You' Continuation of the events after 'Back to You', following Haley 'Hurricane' Seresin and Bradley 'Rooster' Bradshaw's journey post Top Gu...
Back to You // Bradley Bradshaw by winterharleys
Back to You // Bradley Bradshawby Shelby
Haley Seresin, callsign 'Hurricane', has made it to Top Gun finally, along side her brother Jake 'Hangman' Seresin. After a previous summer fling with Bradley 'Rooster'...
ACE (T. Kazansky love story) by UltaRoseMoon
ACE (T. Kazansky love story)by 🌙
"If you think I'm chaos, you haven't met Ace." Iceman X Fem (OC) [TopGun] Started: Aug. 10th, 2022 Finished:
Lights [J. Seresin love story] by UltaRoseMoon
Lights [J. Seresin love story]by 🌙
"You know what Summers, you are something else." Hangman x FEM (OC) [Top Gun: Maverick] Started: Aug. 1st 2022 Finished: Sept. 11th 2022
Tailspin: A Top Gun Love Story by ShadowsStillRemain
Tailspin: A Top Gun Love Storyby InHiding
According to Maverick, falling in love feels like the wicked spiral of a compromised aircraft: terrifying, chaotic, and completely out of your control. ... The story of...
Soaring (Bradley Bradshaw love story) by UltaRoseMoon
Soaring (Bradley Bradshaw love sto...by 🌙
Lt. Serenity 'Tails' Lewis has been called back to TopGun, to not only focus on the task at hand that will be given, reunite with everyone but most importantly reconnec...
Hope {R. Floyd love story} by UltaRoseMoon
Hope {R. Floyd love story}by 🌙
"When you hold onto Faith, there is always Hope down every corner." Robert Floyd x Fem (OC) [TopGun: Maverick] Started: July 21st 2022 Finished: Aug. 23rd 2022
HUSNA by ummeetarh05
HUSNAby Amina Nasir Garba
Meet Husna Abdulhamid Wakili an introvert girl .." she doesn't like talking nor she likes mingling with friends,she despises the word marriage,"and love.."...
Red {J.Machado love story} by UltaRoseMoon
Red {J.Machado love story}by 🌙
"Robin and Wolf are incredible, but Red, is going to make them proud." (Coyote x Fem (OC) Reader) [Top Gun: Maverick] Started: Sept. 2nd, 2022 FInished: Sept...
Attaboy ~ Bradley Bradshaw by taylorz_scarf
Attaboy ~ Bradley Bradshawby taylorz_scarf
In which, Avery Michaels, callsign Wildcard, has been working off the coast of Hawaii as a Naval Aviation Pilot for 3 years now, and it has been more than amazing. Those...
Wobbling Hearts💘✅ by khadyjatt
Wobbling Hearts💘✅by Autan-mama📚
STARTED ON 14-OCTBER-2020 FINISHED ON. 1-AUGUST-2021 #1 wobbly on 17-10_2020 #1 funnylovestory on 19-10-2020 #1 pilot. On 18-01-2022 #14 africa...
Mute ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader {Completed} by NewYearNewMeme
Mute ➳ Tyler Joseph X Reader {Comp...by mama liz
In which you and Tyler have a conversation everyday, but he's the only one talking. {all respect to jenna because jenna is amazing and she and tyler are goals} {{it's ju...
ice ice baby by slay4u123
ice ice babyby slay4u123
tom "iceman" kazansky and aubrey "scarlett" anderson aren't enemies but aren't friends. what will happen when their feelings start to get in the way...
When Stars Collide  by TheOmoope
When Stars Collide by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
When Hibatullah Abubakar meets Salman Baanziye, it's annoyance at it's very best at first sight. Salman is a ball of fire, Hibatullah is the very definition of an Ice Q...
Daisy (M. Garcia love story) by UltaRoseMoon
Daisy (M. Garcia love story)by 🌙
"I might be a Wolfe, but I am building a new kind of legacy to this family name." {Fanboy x Fem (oc)} {Top Gun Maverick] Started: Sept. 1st 2022 Finished:
A Pilot from another world and Sakura Empire | Azur Lane  by Unknown_Pilot
A Pilot from another world and Sak...by Unknown Pilot
You are pilot (y/n), leader of squad Alpha-11. You an your squadron received a secret mission right before Christmas. To identify an UFO. After your takeoff you could s...
City in the Air ( A Steampunk Adventure) by LyndseyLewellen
City in the Air ( A Steampunk Adve...by Lyndsey Lewellen
In the nation of Corshire, where inventors rule and magic is forbidden, the twin daughters of the country's highest ranking innovator are expected to follow in his magni...