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Riffs daughter WSS by ErinGard
Riffs daughter WSSby Erin Gard
Riff never thought he'd see his little Ally Cat again after she was taken into foster care at two when he was 17. He lost his entire world that day in court. But what ha...
Who Knows || Riff (West Side Story 2021) by blink_and_youre_dead
Who Knows || Riff (West Side Emma
If there was one thing that Rose Everly had never expected, it was to fall in love. All of her teenage years had been spent matched with nice boys who had good jobs set...
Loving Cup, Riff x Reader (West Side Story) by della-spins-tales
Loving Cup, Riff x Reader (West della-spins-tales
Y/N, sister of the Sharks' gang leader, Bernardo, falls dangerously in love with Riff, the leader of the rival Jets. *Please note this story does not strictly stick to...
Baby Doll |Baby John WSS fanfic|<3 by JanaeNichelleShow
Baby Doll |Baby John WSS fanfic|<3by Lavender + willow
Living in New York City in 1956. Going to work and walking in to a day that could change your new life in the big city forever. You're Valarina. Ready for anything that...
Rise of Asian Empires by hunter2612
Rise of Asian Empiresby hunter2612
An alternate history of the South East Asia.Two dictators decided to invade the Malaysian territories on Borneo.Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos attacks and invades...
BOLT- B.B. by hxppywriter_
BOLT- hxppywriter_
BOLT- Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw After losing the flame in both engines while flying in the Navy, a young pilot loses her backseater, who was also her best fri...
Soaring (Bradley Bradshaw love story) by bandgeekof2018
Soaring (Bradley Bradshaw love 🌻
Lt. Serenity Lewis "Tails" has been called back to TopGun, to not only focus on the task at hand that will be given, reunite with everyone but most importantl...
A Trial of Time- India/US Transference. by Aestas-Vivax
A Trial of Time- India/US Aestas Vivax
"People, who can't throw something important away, can never hope to change anything." Co-Authored with Marine325, Author of "War of the World", Ying...
The worlds strangest airport  by Boah63784
The worlds strangest airport by Boah63784
When a enemy pilot is captured he awakens on airport but it isn't normal
Summoning the Five Power Defence Arrangments by jikdot
Summoning the Five Power Defence Jikdot1
The Nations of the Five Power Defence Arrangements; the United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, and New Zealand were mysteriously transported into another world. Without a...
NHL Preferences  by truenorth55
NHL Preferences by ᴛᴀʏ
Brock Boeser Max Domi Cale Makar Connor McDavid William Nylander Nolan Patrick Mark Scheifele Matthew Tkachuk
The Advanced Helicarriers X Azur Lane: The Animation by CalebadmiraCalebThre
The Advanced Helicarriers X Azur The Three Strikes
Helicarriers are Advance Aircraft Carriers and have Very advance technology like cloaking and carry weapons and lots of Planes they are very special and Excellent for Su...
|| JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS || RIFF LORTON || by RavingRacoons
|| JUST LIKE THE OLD DAYS || Racoon <3
Mouthpiece's little sister Alice, falls in love with the Jet leader Riff, but becomes best friends with his sister along the way. This is a collab with @Mills-Grace, go...
My Accidental NFL Boyfriend by blueeyestobe
My Accidental NFL Boyfriendby Claire
Jayla lived throughout high school being tortured by her childhood friend, Caleb. He made sure she didn't make one friend--stringing her 34A bra on the flagpole, pantsin...
Arknights: Player on by 221September
Arknights: Player onby bucketman
(Note: This is my third arknights crossover) Players from 'earth' got transported to the terra, can they survived or do something stupid...
Interloper-360°: Expanded Version by brycewinters95
Interloper-360°: Expanded Versionby Bryce Winters
Nev is one of the youngest people to join the mercenary circle after his pristine plans for his future fall apart. Luckily, Lux-Roulette was looking for new hires. A sim...
A Pilot's Love by SKKJustin
A Pilot's Loveby Justin
Yanderes x Male Pilot Reader
Top stratos by carterddfr
Top stratosby carterddfr
Top gun x infinite stratos Maverick and goose are being deployed to check out an unidentified object were they are pulled into the world of infinite stratos.
HATE AT FIRST SIGHT ╰> riff, wss 2021 by -Rubys-for-sale-
HATE AT FIRST SIGHT ╰> riff, wss 𝐭.
Philippines Isekai (Cancelled) by The_War_Reader
Philippines Isekai (Cancelled)by The_War_Reader
(don't forget to read the note at the bottom.) 2060 - Philippines had made quite a progress, due to skyrocketing economy and budgets, and also with the help of their all...