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Loving khalifa by saratu__
Loving khalifaby Saratu Umar
"So you don't care if I spend the rest of my life jumping from one girl's bed to another?" he asked turning to me. I looked at him, feeling the tears wanting t...
Unplanned Future by maleeeka11
Unplanned Futureby maleeeka11
Aisha Bilal is 22years old. She has been in love with Sulaiman, and they planned on getting married only for him not to show up on their wedding day, yes he DITCHED her...
Her Crush by Asmaa_u
Her Crushby Husnaa
When young Haseenah was orphaned at the tender age of 7, she was sent to live with her uncle &wife who had only one child Aslam... ******* Young Aslam a natural coldbloo...
Soiled #ProjectNigeria ✔️ by TheOmoope
Soiled #ProjectNigeria ✔️by Iduh Vivian Opeyemi
Nabeela has never had life easy, never ever. She is at her wits end. Love and living life has never been her known forte. But, what will she do when she gets tangled in...
RUWAN ZUMA (completed) by suwaibamuhammad36
RUWAN ZUMA (completed)by Suwaiba Muhammad
Shin wani irin kallo kake yiwa masoya biyu wad'anda akwai tazarar shekaru tsakaninsu, musamman ma in aka ce Macen ta fi Namijin yawan shekaru? Tayi wuff dashi, ko Tsoho...
Her Boyfriend, My Husband by RaaziWriter40
Her Boyfriend, My Husbandby Razia X.
The lives of Maryam, Yusuf, Zainab and Abdallah. How are they connected? Read to find out! * #1 in Arewa #1 in Muslim #1 in Maryam #1 in Zainab #1 in Yusuf #1 Abdalla...
Mystic elephant  by Zeeemibs
Mystic elephant by Zee Sule
Synopsis There is no love lost between the family of Yunusa Giwa and that of Muhsin Giwa. Only hatred. When Halal is made haram, things begin to go wrong. So what if ge...
Change of hearts (EDITING) by rukayya_abdullah
Change of hearts (EDITING)by Ruqayya_aminchi
A love story of a teenager Ruqayyah Ameen.. Ever since she was born,she took over her parent's heart cause of her outstanding character,she's beautiful of course, outspo...
My Husband's Twin ✅  by Aishatuh_M
My Husband's Twin ✅ by Embers_OfSoul✨
Ducking away, she ran out of Hajia's living room with a loving smile on her lips. She banged her head on a broad chest that gave her a souvenir of a scent, just as juicy...
Rumaitha ✔️(EDITING) by Haleeeymarh_b
Rumaitha ✔️(EDITING)by Halima Buhari
(Editing in process). Meet Rumaitha the daughter of the rich oil tycoon Alhaji Muhammad umar . She's beautiful, smart , respect people especially her elders and very...
Endless Love  by Maryam366
Endless Love by Abdullahi Maryam
The story is about two cousins, Abdulkadir and Hafsah. They both grew up in the same house. Their relationship changed from cousins to couples. Find out more about Abdu...
Najma ✅ by Heshma_Nabayi
Najma ✅by ~♡Misha♡~
Copyright ©2020 Heshma Nabayi All rights Reserved This is a story about a young girl named Najma Muhammad Farouk, whose dream is to become a pilot. Her father is in...
Abadan(forever) by meenatsalanke
Abadan(forever)by meenatsalanke
❤️Amina is a beautiful,smart ,loving ,chatterbox and a caring person. She's a straight forward lady until she met Muhammad ❤️ ❤️Muhammad on the other he's a rich handso...
Distasteful Desires ✔ by khadyjatt
Distasteful Desires ✔by Autan-mama📚
~BOOK 4 IN THE DESIRES SERIES~ STARTED ON 5 JANUARY 2022 FINISHED ON 21 MARCH 2022 Quote:Forgiveness is the way to find peace, until we learn to forgive only then we wil...
SAIFUL_ISLAM..💞(COMPLETED✅) by missxoxo00
Labarin sarqaqiyar rayuwa, Makirci, Hassada, da tsantsar mugunta. Gefe d'aya kuma labarin SAIFUL_ISLAM labari ne dake tafe da luntsumammiyar soyayya marar gauraye👌🏾 SA...
The Power Of Calmness by ayra__dauda
The Power Of Calmnessby DAUDA MARYAM
"I want to become a renowned lawyer and Human Rights Activist when I do grow up." Seven year old Habeebah, happily said to her father. As time passes, we as hu...
KURUCIYAR MINAL by miss_untichlobanty
KURUCIYAR MINALby miss untichlobanty
This isa kinda story of a girl called MINAL where by she is a troublesome teenager but as the story goes,destiny joins her with one of Nigeria's military captain,the arr...
Sworn Sisters  by AbdoolZainab
Sworn Sisters by Zainab Abdulhadi
MUSLIMLOVESTORY . . . . . The man took her to a small office downstairs. It seems he is the owner of the hotel cos of how well he knows his way around the hotel. She so...
Ni Nuwaylah A Hausa Love Story by beealpher
Ni Nuwaylah A Hausa Love Storyby beealpher
A hankali ya kira sunnanta, but she couldn't look at him, ya kama hannunta, ya daga habbanta, yana kallon fuskarta. "Nuwaylah? I... I... I love you" Ya fada ci...
FOREVER YOURS by Ayshasamira
FOREVER YOURSby Ayshasamira
Khadijama Is half Shuwa Arab,a Gentle and simple lady in her mid twenties,follow us as we peak through the life of Khadijatu that is bound to change and find the love of...