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"How is she?"

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"How is she?"

"Same." Zoya took a deep breath to fight off the tightness in her chest.

Saqib could see the red rimming in her eyes and coloring her nose.

"I miss her. I miss the old her, whose presence once brighten the whole house." She sniffled. Tears streaked her beautiful face. Her lower lip trembled.

He heard the chair move, and a second later, Ayaan's arms came around her waist. She didn't say anything, just pressed herself against his back and held on, seeking the comfort of his body against hers.

He pull her closer to him and rested his chin on the top of her head.

Saqib wonders randomly, 'Will his and Arzoo relationship in the future would be just like them?'

'Insha'Allah', His heart replies.

"Khuda Aksar Naik Bando Ko Apne Paas Jald Bula Leta Hai. Aur Imran Ussi Ek Bando Mai Se Ek Tha..." Ayaan said, "Umar Hi Kya Thi Us Bacche Ki. Bohot Jald Chale Gaya."

"Beshak, Chachu." Saqib agreed, sipping the remaining tea and placing it on the table. He looked around the table at their concerned faces regarding Arzoo.

"She need us most right now." Ayaan said mostly to Zoya and Saqib, who nodded. "We need to get her out of her room. We need to distract her, to get her mind off him and lessen the pain."

All eyes landed on Zaan who appears carrying several bags on both of his hands. In the early twenties, Zaan Ayaan Khan looked exactly like his father Ayaan Khan.

He has his father's features. He take after his father in every way, whether it be their singing talent or possessiveness which has made them closer than most fathers and sons. Much closer. Like Buddies. That's the reason why he a well known singer, who mostly sings for Bollywood movies.

"Itni shopping kis cheez ki, Zaan?" Saqib ask, eying the bags in his hand.

"Woh.... Baji ke liye Ice creams aur unki pasandeeda novels laya tha. Maybe that will make her feel better."

"Hayyye Mera Shehzada." Said Zoya with adoration in her eyes.

"Where is she?" Zaan inquired.

"Like usual in her room. She ain't coming out of her room. She hasn't even eaten something from yesterday."

It's been three months, since Imran death. But Arzoo had stopped talking to everyone, she usually locked herself in her room, not ready to go outside and face the world.

Zaan went towards his sister room, but seeing her praying on the Jahnamaz. He left the shopping bags on the bag and leaves towards his own room.

But not before praying for her sister, 'Ya Allah, Meri Zoo Appi Ko Sukoon and Khushiyan Ata Farma'.

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