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"It's as hard as finding a perfect man which never exists!!!"

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"It's as hard as finding a perfect man which never exists!!!"

Arzoo look at the door, when someone knock on it and a second later, Saqib enters in all his glory.

A loud thudding had their stare broken, Arzoo glance back at her laptop to see Dua was continuosly hitting her face on the table with a loud groan, attracting the other's customer's attention.

"I belong to one of those million people who are unemployed." Came her voice.

"Who is it?" Asked Dua raising her eyebrows, when she noticed Arzoo wasn't looking at her.

"Saqib......." Dua didn't let her complete. "Oh that handsome billionaire!!!!"

Arzoo face palm herself.

Dua Siddique was wearing a pink crop top with jeans. Her long jet-black hair hung straight and past her shoulders. Due to her Desi personality and her name, no one would know that she was half-Indian, half-Korean. She had her mother's Korean features while had her father's Indian accent. She had a bold personality and was in love with food whether it be korean or Indian desi food.

"You know you can work in our Company. Since, there's a vacancy available." Said Saqib, taking a seat beside Arzoo, the mattress dipping beneath him.

Her whole face lit up and dulled the next second when Saqib emphasized.

"Sameer needs a personal assistant."

"Jangnanhae???" (Are you kidding me???) A loud snort escapes Dua mouths.

"It isn't going to be that bad."

"Now, that's where you are wrong, Mr."

"While you are a sweetheart. Your twin brother is....." She took a pause, looking for the right word. "Like an alcohol. Which you desire and fancy, but ain't good for health."

Arzoo shakes her head, a small smile appearing on her face. Her friend was something else. Dua and she became friends, since they both attended the same college. She couldn't come for Imran's death, since she and her family had covid.

He drops his head back and lets out a deep laugh, "You just compare my brother to an........ alcohol."

"Yes. And the point is he ain't good for me and my health. Living in his presence is like being in hell."

"Oh hoo....... Yaha toh meri taarifon ke phool bandhe jaare hai." Said Sameer sarcastically, as he was leaning against the doorframe with his hands crossed at his chest, probably heard the earlier conversations regarding him.

"Here comes the villian." She mutters which surely everyone heard, which increases a little bit anger of Sameer. But before he could say anything she interrupts, "Guys, I need to go. Saqib I think I am up for that job. Allah Hafiz."

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