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When Arzoo spotted Saqib, she ran towards him. She was meeting him after a whole month, which seems like a year to both.

"AQIB!!!!!!" She yelled, as she run towards him, the moment she was in front of him. He took her in his arms and twirl her around. Making her giggle in joy and his smile.

"Bohot miss kiya Maine tumhe." Arzoo exclaims, wrapping her arms around his neck and breathing in his expensive cologne.

"Jhoot mat bolo." Saqib planted a kiss on her forehead like he usually does. "Agar sach mai yaad aaye hote meri toh Roz call karte."

"Sorry about that, I was really busy. But now that I am back, I will spend most of my time with you."



"So, how are you?"

"Waesa hi jaesa tum mujhe chodke Gaye thi. Ekdum mast, Alhamdulillah."

"Arzoo there's something I want to confess." He states, looking a bit nervous. 'That's a first', Arzoo thought.

Her best friend, Saqib Hamza Khan, at the age of twenty-seven, was one of the big and successful CEO of 'Khan Enterprises'. He was the perfect man, that every girl dreams of. He was Tall, Muscular, Rich, Caring, Dominant, outrageously generous and so handsome.

That explains all the marriage proposals that kept coming for him from all across the world. He's too strong. Too strong and too muscly. He spent all his weekends in the gym, maintaining his body.

"Oh, same. But you know what. Ladies first."

Turning around, she looked around until she spotted him, and said. "There he is."


"The love of my life."

"WHAT??" Saqib growled. That's when his eyes fell on a guy who was standing a couple of steps away from Arzoo. He was dressed in a pilot's outfit.

"Saqib, This is Imran Bakhtiyar Sheikh, the love of my life. And Imran, This is Saqib Humza Khan, my best friend, my cousin that I told you about."

To which Imran nodded.

Imran grinned, while Saqib's mood changed a bit fastly, his jaw was clenched tightly and his eyes had unknown emotions in them as he stare at Imran.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Saqib." Imran said, holding out a hand.

Saqib scoffed and stared at the offered hand for a beat before shaking it. Both men were now locked in a staring contest and their handshake was going way longer than necessary.

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