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"Do you, Arzoo Ayaan Khan daughter of Ayaan Rizwan Khan, take Saqib Hamza Khan as your husband?" The qazi asked as everyone held their breaths

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"Do you, Arzoo Ayaan Khan daughter of Ayaan Rizwan Khan, take Saqib Hamza Khan as your husband?" The qazi asked as everyone held their breaths.

Arzoo's brown eyes met Saqib's dark ones, through the partition.

"Qubool Hai."

The qazi again asked, to which she uttered with difficulty, "Qubool Hai."

"Q-Qubool Hai......" Her voice cracked, as tears coated her eyes. She averted her eyes from him, not letting him see her tears. It felt like she was cheating with Imran. The images of Imran start roaming her mind.

'Mujhe Maaf Kardo, Imran.' Her heart begged.

While Saqib's eyes stayed on her the whole time, he knew what she was going through. His heart aches for her pain.

While Arzoo's mind started flashing with the scene where she met Imran for the last time in the hospital.

"I am...... sorry, Arzoo." His voice repeated in her mind as tears cherished her cheeks.

Arzoo's gaze went from her parents to her grandparents, to her relatives. Searching for one person, who knew what she was feeling right now.

She raised her eyes to his, slow and unwilling to find his gaze was already fixed on hers. Only to find him seated on the groom's seat.

"Do you Saqib Hamza Khan son of Hamza Rizwan Khan take Arzoo Ayaan Khan as your wife?" The Qazi asked, his eyes settled on the groom.

"Why him though?"

"Kyuki Agar Mere Baad Tumhe Koi Bepanah Mohabbat Karta Hai, Toh Woh Hai Saqib." Imran said with a smile.

"Mujhe Kisi Aur Ki Biwi Ki Jagah Tumhare Bewa Bankar Zindagi Bhar Rehna Manzoor Hain." Arzoo exclaims while tears continue streaming down her eyes.

"Par Mujhe Yeh Manzoor Nahi, Arzoo." Imran said a bit angrily. "Unlike other men, you read in novels, I want you to be happy, your whole life instead of grieving my absence."

"Qubool Hai." Saqib says loudly, emphasising each word as if telling Arzoo that he was there for her like always. But this time not as her best friend, but as a husband.

A single tear slid down her eyes, which had his chest tighten.

With that, she was now, Arzoo Saqib Khan. She got married to her best friend instead of her first lover, Imran.

Zoya nearly loses her posture, but Ayaan's hand finds her waist to secure her balance.

Tears blurred her vision. As she utters, "Ayaan, Humne Koi Zyadti toh nahi ki na, Arzoo Ke Saath?"

For once Ayaan felt at a loss for words.

In what felt like forever Ayaan whispers, "I don't know. Bus Yahi Dua Hai Ki Hamara Faisla Inke Haq Mein Ho."

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