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He woke up to a good sight

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He woke up to a good sight. A very beautiful sight, the sight for which he will pay millions in a heartbeat.

A satisfied smile tugged at his lips.

Her dark wavy hair was splattered on her pillow. Her long dark eyelashes lay on her cheeks, hiding her beautiful pair of eyes. A frown deepens on her forehead, as she mumbles something in her sleep.

Her light snore filled the room.

Her head lay on his muscular chest, while her hands were wrapped around his waist. Her legs were tangled with his.

A loud knocking on their bedroom door had him out of his wife's spell.

"Everyone is waiting for you both at breakfast." Mehjabeen voice came from the other side of the door and with that, she left.

A groan escapes Arzoo's lips, and her lashes slowly lift, revealing the striking chocolate brown eyes, confusion lies in them. As her eyes overtake dark walls different from her bright ones, the ceilings, a bigger luxurious room. A second later, she remembers her marriage. Immediately her brown orbs went towards the figure laying beside her. To find him already staring at her, a blush coated her cheeks.

A knot caught in her throat and she quickly looked away. Untangling herself from him, she sat on the bed and roam her hand in her hair and tied it in a loose bun.

"Good morning."


"What?" Her eyes find his, to see him chewing on the side of his cheek, trying to hide a smile.

"It's past 12'0 clock, Arzoo. So, Good Afternoon, Mrs. Arzoo Saqib Khan." His voice makes her skin feel tingly, picking up the rose that was kept on the table beside the bed and giving it to her, making her heart warm.

"A beautiful rose for my beautiful wife."

Taking the rose from him all the while his gaze held hers in a captivating stare.

Arzoo knew something was changing inside her for him. The Saqib that she got to know yesterday and today was different from the Saqib she knew. And secretly she was loving the one that was in front of her.


"Any action happened last night?" Dua asked wiggling her eyebrows.

Her question catches Arzoo off guard.

She glared at her best friend. From the moment she and Saqib came downstairs, her friends were making her life misery with their dirty minds.

Saqib who heard Dua not so low words started coughing as a piece of paratha probably got stuck in his throat. While Sameer who was sitting beside his brother had a smirk on his face and was eating his breakfast peacefully.

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