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Arzoo just came out of the washroom, dressed in a red kameez and Patiala with a silk dupatta draped on her shoulder

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Arzoo just came out of the washroom, dressed in a red kameez and Patiala with a silk dupatta draped on her shoulder. Red bangles adorned her creamy arms. Walking towards the mirror, she braid her long hair, and unconsciously her gaze went to Saqib who had changed into a grey suit and was continuously looking at her with a small smile on his lips.

Turning around, she asked, "What are you staring at?"

"You....... My beautiful wife." He said, "Koi Itna Khubsurat Kaese Ho Sakta hai?"

Her stomach flips, and the heat warms her cheeks.

Standing up he picked up a red rose, beside the bed drawer and walked towards her, and gave it to her.

Arzoo couldn't help but ask, "Again?"

"I will be giving you each Rose each day so that you know that my love for you is as darker as this rose."

She look at him, her heart skipping a beat at seeing his eyes cast down and locked on her.

"You know you don't need to do these."

"Ammi teached me and Sameer since our childhood days, to appreciate the good things and people in our life. Whether it be their beauty, humbleness or their love."

With a smirk, he said, "This is just the beginning, Begum. I am so going to spoil you."

And said, "I don't know why people think the moon is beautiful when in fact the moon will hide behind the clouds in embarrassment once the moon sees your beauty."

Arzoo's heart battered in her chest.

Takes a red rose from him, her hands playing with it.

"You are going overboard, Saqib." She chewed her lip a moment and corrected him, "Moon beauty is incomparable. Millions of People wouldn't be obsessed with the moon if it weren't mesmerizing."



"Your family is pretty perfect."

"It's not my family, it's our family now." Arzoo corrected him, as she snuggles a bit closer to him, making him smile.

"Our family." Imran tested the words on his lips and he loved the sound of them.

Imran and Arzoo were sitting on the sofa on the balcony, with a duvet on them, gazing outside.

When an expensive black Audi arrives inside the mansion right in front of their view and Saqib exits it. Wearing black pants and a white shirt that was flaunting his wide's shoulders and muscular back.

He was barking orders at someone on the phone. He looked so pissed. Saying a few things he hang up the call and ran his hand through his dark hair multiple times. Unaware of two pairs of eyes on him. As if sensing their gaze, he slowly turned around and his dark eyes filled with rage, and anger fell on them. Passing a nod to Imran, his eyes met Arzoo's, and the anger inside him immediately faded away. His lips which were scowling earlier formed a beautiful smile now.

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