What Remains

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Aizawa cracked his knuckles his eyes staring at the illuminated computer screen before him. His knee bouncing in anticipation. It had been nearly two days since the crime scene where the late departed Akira had been killed by the Red Hood. Since that night all he had been left with was questions. Why Red Hood visited Akira? What answers the Vigilante had been searching for? Both of which he had no clue but needed to know.

Sighing he rubbed his eyes looking to the clock on the wall above him. '5:00 pm' he read, his class having ended just short of 2 hours ago. After all this time he was still surprised he even had one, he hated teaching, ever since Izuku had... disappeared. Shaking his head of the though he leaned to his right, reaching to the cabinet beside his desk and he pulled several files containing all the info he had on the league.

He had been searching for months but he still had no clue where Izuku could be. The fact the League had gone into hiding didn't make this easier and then there was the issue with Red Hood. The Vigilante had made gathering any information impossible, every villain rumored to have been working with the league were either dead or paralyzed from the neck down. It was a pattern that continued to prove irritating for the hero and amounted suspicion. Sure he could have chalked it up to the villains being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but every villain claimed to have contact with the league?

No it was too coincidental to be just dumb luck, 'Are they targeting the league?' He would put it against the Vigilante to target the league but the question was why? Was it to kill them? or was it something else? Shifting the files Aizawa stopped on a file labeled "RED HOOD". Staring at the file he pondered just what was it that motivated Red Hood.

With a small huff he shook his head, he wouldn't get anything until Naomasa sends him the footage from the club. Standing from his desk he moved toward the door, all he could do was wait. Leaving the office he strolled down the white halls of U.A heading towards the exit of the school. If Naomasa was going to delay sending him the footage he would rather spend the free time he has patrolling on the off chance he can find something. Going from the second to the first floor Aizawa bathed in silence before a loud yell came from Recovery Girl's office.

Pinching the bridge of his nose Aizawa walked to the room before slowly opening the door. "Shit! That hurts!" Entering his line of sight was Nemuri, the woman sitting on the white bed of the medical room. Bandages caked in blood being wrapped around her arms and the sides of her body. Her attire consisting of only the bottom of her hero suit and a bra. Ignoring her state of dress he looked as Recovery girl worked tirelessly on tying the bandages.

"It'll only hurt more the longer you keep this dangerous life style."

Staring at the elderly hero Aizawa let out a sigh allowing his presence to be heard. His eyes then met Nemuri's, his eyes threatening to burn under her steely gaze. Like him Nemuri had for months been constantly hunting for clues about Izuku's whereabouts. It was no secret that Nemuri loved the boy, but it was this love that caused her to suffer. The scar that ran over the bridge of her nose was proof of that. He remembered how this change had started.

Initially it was small... Longer patrol hours, lack of sleep, constant training... then it only got worse, anger filled outbursts, increased violence when apprehending villains, and her crusade against the league. He too wanted to find the league but Nemuri was extreme, all she talked about was finding the league asking for any and all leads. She actively hunted villains, villains of which she would normally never fight, in her words the worst the better. It had him question whether or not Red Hood had influenced her at all.

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