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The Red Speedster Deku by ColourfulRainbowgirl
The Red Speedster Dekuby That writer person
What would happen if an obsession of quirks or formerly known as meta human abilities and their origin took a dark turn? This is a story of Izuku as he discovers the sec...
Heroes From Another Universe Volume 1:  A Hero's Journey in Gotham by ShyWriterSadie
Heroes From Another Universe Volum...by XxSadiexX
Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki were spending the day together wanting to have a break from their Hero Work-Studies along with school, when an villain came from an emp...
izuku midoriya ring slinger  by knight47watch
izuku midoriya ring slinger by The knight
dont own mha or dc both beling to their respective owners same goes for the art doesnt belong to me belongs to their respective owners ok now onto the story izuku yagi...
I'm Not Just Have One Face! But More!  by divhaneya
I'm Not Just Have One Face! But Mo...by •°the.ruby°•
Izuku yagi runway in his 14-year-old age from his own house after being abused, neglected, bullied, and tortured, and the one who still care about him is Toshinori Yagi...
The Question by Jjropo3
The Questionby jjropo3
Quirkless. The moment Izuku Heard this word his life fell apart right before his eyes. He was abused, tortured, manipulated, framed and after all that he decided to go b...
Mha Quirk Ideas by Chip4500
Mha Quirk Ideasby Chip4500
Different ideas for izuku's quirk. Ghost, Dragon, Cybernetic, Physics, Gravity, Superhuman Physicality, etc. Feel free to take any ideas
The Outlaw who became a Hero by 1DSRK234
The Outlaw who became a Heroby 1DSRK234
Izuku Yagi is the adopted son of Toshinori Yagi and the biological son of Inko Yagi (former name Midoriya). Hisashi reportedly died in an accident during a flight to Am...
Outside the sea (deku x reader)  by mikaDetroid
Outside the sea (deku x reader) by mikaDetroid
Y/N is a normal girl in this superhuman world, but there is a trick. Her mother is the advisor of the king of Atlantis, this means that she is part of the richest people...
The Green blur by DevilNotfound
The Green blurby Bakago
Izuku midorya hadn't had the best childhood due to his quirklessnes and his horrible luck. after getting his dreams shattered by his idol he gets struck by lightning wic...
Strings of Fate / MHA x DC / DEKUxMOMO by EclipseOverBastion
Strings of Fate / MHA x DC / DEKUx...by James Wood
Izuku Midoryia a 15 year old boy just starting his first year at UA highschool for heroes in training. Windy may have signed his entry as quirkless. But he hides a secre...
Don't know what to call it yet by SnowBarry1993
Don't know what to call it yetby SnowBarry1993
I'm back and I hope you will like this story. I do want to have fight and lemon scenes in my stories but I know that I'm unfortunately not good enough to write them. Thi...
Izuku 'Deathstroke' Midoriya (undecided ship) by thedestroyer2007
Izuku 'Deathstroke' Midoriya (unde...by thedestroyer2007
A quirkless boy given an opportunity. To be his own kind of hero. To some civilians he's a hero. To Villians he is hell on Earth. To some heroes, the final opponent they...
izuku faster than light  by knight47watch
izuku faster than light by The knight
dont own dc, mha or the art they belong to their respective owners it was a stormy day the sky had opened and was unleashing its wrath upon the people of japan leaving...
fear me, fear the shadows by darkATROCITYZ
fear me, fear the shadowsby Dark Atrocityz
When All Might originally fought All For One, what if he didn't lose? What if All For One was defeated before he could reach Tomura? What if after that battle All Might...