Chapter One

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Fingers ripped into hair and clothes as lips feverously explored every inch of exposed skin. Painted breaths and pleased moans filled the empty air.

Draco didn't waste much time slamming Harry's back to the wall, holding up his body by his hips effortlessly. Harry gave a breathless chuckle as he tugged at the platinum hair one last time before moving to clothes.

Harry pulled off his own jumper before quickly tugging at the buttons of Draco's shirt wildly.

Draco's lips explored the exposed skin of Harry's neck, his pulse racing against his lips. It was hard to control himself when his tongue could practically taste the blood just below the surface.

Apparently, Harry wasn't satisfied with such restraint.


It was almost a growl, his throat vibrating dangerously against Draco's lips.

Draco didn't need to be told twice, quickly plunging his fangs into the tender flesh. Harry let out a groan, his hands clutching at the fabric of Draco's button-up.

It was as if the air in the room had been replaced with lava, and Harry's blood boiled at the heat. It was like they were the only two people in the world.

Until they weren't.

There was a rough knock on the door frame and a cough.

"Hey, before you two have sex on every surface of Percy's room, breakfast is ready. And there are guests," Ron said, his voice having a harsh undertone of poorly veiled disgust.

Draco begrudgingly removed himself from Harry's neck and lowered the boy to the ground, giving the irritated flesh a final swipe with his tongue before turning to meet Ron's disgusted glare with a smirk.

"A little late for that, Weasel-"


"-but I suppose we shouldn't miss Molly's amazing food. Harry can always be eaten at a later date," Draco finished as Harry punched his shoulder with a vibrant blush.

Ron gagged before quickly turning and fleeing, but not before feebly flipping the blond off.

"Draco, leave the poor guy alone," Harry sighed as he quickly gathered his discarded clothing.

"Ah, but he is just so fun to fuck with. I get why you keep him around," Draco buttoned up his shirt with a chuckle. Harry simply rolled his eyes at the blond's haughty behavior.

"That is not why we 'keep him around', you asshat. And I personally would prefer my best mate not to hear the inner workings of my sex life."

"But it's just so damn interesting," Draco smirked, placing a kiss on Harry's ear. Harry blushed and pushed away the blonde, who was now cackling.

After they were both decent, Harry and Draco made their way to the living area. Draco couldn't help the soft smile that crossed his face at Harry's bright expression.

Dumbledore's death had taken a large toll on Harry. His nightmares were still frequent, but at least now Draco has learned how to handle and help Harry in those moments. They were working their way through the uncertainty together, just like they agreed they would.

Draco squeezed the hand in his lightly.


Harry turned his gaze to Draco with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, just thinking about how lucky I am to be with someone as gorgeous and brilliant as you."

Harry laughed lightly, stopping and turning fully to Draco, cupping the pale face in his hands.

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