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Yo. My ideas are currently lacking and I'm kind of struggling with a writers block, so I'm sorry the updates are coming this slowly. So I recently created a discord server for all of my stories and it's mainly a place for all of you to ask questions and suggest things whenever i'm stuck. 
I think it'd be a great source of motivation for me and also make it easier to show you all kinds of extra-content (anything from little drabbles to artwork) I've started working on. 

 what I'm saying is, please join me, it'd be awesome to talk and get to know some of you, and lets be honest the chat function on wattpad is like really shitty. 


[It's called " Feethecracker's Pit™ " for the lack of anything more creative]

Hope to c u all soon, wether it's on discord or in the new chapter <3

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