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Arzoo's parents and her younger brother weren't present in the house, were out shopping and doing preparations for the upcoming wedding. While Arzoo was watching a movie on the Television. When her phone rang, she stand up and walk in the direction of the phone, where she kept it for charging.

It was an unknown number. A smile cross her features, as she thought it would be Imran. After all, he usually calls from different numbers.

Saying her salam she picked up the call, a huge smile on her face. It's been a whole three months since she and Imran's engagement. And Imran had resumed his work. And she misses him so much. Despite them seeing each other through video calls and having conversations.

"I missed you --------" She stop, her smile immediately falling, as an unfamiliar voice came from the other side of the call.

"Am I talking to Mr Imran's Bakhtiyar Sheikh fiancee?"

Her voice wasn't coming out of her throat and when it did come, it came out weak and shaky.

"Y-Yes..... you are." Her hands tremble, her whole was badly shaking and her grip on her mobile got tightened till the point her hand was hurting. Sweats formed on her forehead and suddenly she sense a bad feeling. Her vision was blurring, due to tears appearing in it.

"The aeroplane that he was in crashed. And he's been in ICU right now." She felt a deep pain in her chest. A type of pain that she never felt before. Her vision blurred, because of pain. It wasn't heartbreak. It was more like a heart stroke. More sweats form on her forehead, till the point her hair was getting wet from it. The voice on the call became low. "The chances of him surviving are quite low. He's been saying your name continuously even in his unconscious form......" but the voice sounds distant, till the point she couldn't hear more, there was a loud boom in her ears. Tears started falling down her brown chocolate eyes. Which holds so much pain in it, that it could break someone's heart.

Arzoo's eyes widen, all the blood draining from her face instantly. Nausea rolls through her stomach, and bile rises her throat and all color drains from her face.

Saqib who just entered the house, his blazer resting in one hand and his suitcase in another. He was staying at his Ayaan Chachu's house due to some meeting. He just came from that meeting, ready to go and take a shower in his room. To get fresh, to take stop the exhaustion that he was feeling.

Something was off, he could feel it. His black tired eyes look around, suddenly alert. To take Arzoo was leaning against the wall as if she would crumble otherwise.

A loud painful heartbreaking scream escapes her petite form. A second later, she started sobbing, so loudly so hard, that it shattered his world. Throwing his blazer and suitcase on the floor, he ran towards her.

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