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The very next day, Gulnaz took her last breath and left her grandchildren under Zoya's shelter

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The very next day, Gulnaz took her last breath and left her grandchildren under Zoya's shelter. Both Yumna and Haris were now living in Zoya's mansion. Meanwhile, Arzoo was staying in her parent's house for a few days much to Saqib's dismay. Because he was so addicted to having her in his life, that even a few weeks without her felt like a lifetime.

"I think she is pregnant!!!"

"I don't think so........." Dua mutters.

"Believe me, it's my doctor's instinct saying," Mehjabeen argued.

"Would you both please shut up?" Shafaq fumed.

"I think she fainted," Yumna said after a long, tense pause, "Because of the sudden news."

"I agree with her." Shafaq states agitated. As she paces in the room with her hands on her face, she sighs. "I am more worried about how her husband will react once he knew that we are the reason that she fainted."

Arzoo's brown eyes flutter open and close. And the moment her eyes land on her ex-best friends, her face reddens in anger. Making Dua curse in Korean, while Mehjabeen hides behind her. Shafaq adjusted her glasses and tried to smile which came out a bit awkward.

And Yumna passes the glass of water to Arzoo and asks in concern, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, I am fine now." Arzoo smiles at her after she took a sip from the glass. She kept glancing at the trio and look them as if they sold her kidney. As if they kidnapped her firstborn. She was so betrayed and angry. She didn't expect this from them at all.

"What are they doing here?" Arzoo questions, her accusatory gaze met theirs. "Nikaale In Sab Ko Hamare Kamre Se Baahir."

Yumna shared a helpless look with the trio and had them leave the room.

{Half an hour earlier..,}

"So how was your honeymoon?"

Arzoo makes a frustrated sound, as she covers her face with a pillow. Her friends have been stuck on the same question for the last hour.

"Come on, Arzoo." Shafaq states, adjusting her glasses, "Just answer the question. Was it anything like novels?"

"It was too good." She mumbles into the fabric, and her face reddens as a rose.

"What we can't hear you?" Dua stated with a stupid grinning her face, Arzoo threw her a deathly glare.

"It was too good." A groan escapes her lips, as she states out loud.

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