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Saqib took a sip from the cup of tea, as he was leaning against the kitchen counter

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Saqib took a sip from the cup of tea, as he was leaning against the kitchen counter. His other hand was holding his phone, with his and Arzoo's picture as his phone lock screen wallpaper and he couldn't stop himself from staring at it. Lost staring at Arzoo's picture.

Moonlight fell on his silhouette from the balcony. His upper naked body with six-pack abs was glowing under the moonlight. He was wearing loose black trousers, his hair drenched from the shower, and was slightly covering his forehead. Overall he was a sight to see, totally alluring.

He was missing his wife so much, that all he could think about was his world, his wife, Arzoo.

"Shaadi Ke Baad Toh Tum Joru Ke Ghulam Ban Gaye Ho."

He blinks at the voice of his twin brother, Sameer. Who had just entered the kitchen and was searching for something in the refrigerator. He was wearing a Black T-shirt with White trousers.

"Agar Khud Ki Biwi Se Mohabbat Karne Wale Ko Joru Ka Ghulam Kehte Hain. Toh Mai Gurur Se Kehta Hu Ki Mai Hu Joru Ka Ghulam."

Sameer laughs out loud. "You are so whipped, Brother."

"I know." He smiled back.

Both the brothers end up talking about their business and the things that they need to do to make sure that their meeting goes well.

After a brief silence, Saqib asked him the question that he had meant to ask him for a long time. Since Arzoo shared with him a few things regarding Dua and Sameer. And he knew for a fact that his twin brother couldn't be this cruel.

"What's your deal with Dua?"

Sameer who was now sitting on the chair opposite the kitchen counter, hid his face in his hands as a long sigh escaped his mouth at his brother's question. A hesitant look passes over his features, as he tries to change the subject.

"I think you should----"

"Don't try to change the topic." Saqib doesn't rip his gaze from his twin brother's face, he notices the tension in his posture. Stress lines his features.

Sensing his brother's gaze on him, Sameer eventually spills the truth.

"Me and Dua had been unknowingly playing a game with each other. A game of messing up with each other. Poking all the possible buttons to piss each other off and drive each other crazy."

"I did the same with her and she finally had enough of me. She resigned her job." He chuckles while saying, as he takes a pause, amusement is lacing his voice. "By throwing her resignation on my face."

Saqib who was listening to all this was trying to fight a smile. He knew very well what was taking place between his brother and soon-to-be wife. He internally smirks. Is it the beginning of the love that he was witnessing?

"And your wife who is too kind, ends up giving her a job." He continued.

"But Dua is behaving a little weird these days." Sameer comments, as a frown takes place on his forehead.

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