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Arzoo could feel his intense gaze on her the whole time

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Arzoo could feel his intense gaze on her the whole time. She had felt his gaze on the whole time, when Ameer asked her to dance till now when they were dancing with several couples beside them, with music running in the background. Not being able to control herself, she glances a peek over her shoulder in her husband, Saqib's direction. Rage and darkness were shining in his dark black eyes. His jaw was clenched tightly, till the point she knew it might hurt. Tension and anger were clouding his features.

She gulped as she averted her gaze and stared at Ameer.

"So how's your married life? I hope Saqib is being a good husband."

"Better than I ever imagined. Saqib is the type of husband that every girl prays for. Caring, Loving, Passionate, Respectful, and Handsome." Emotions were flowing in her eyes and her voice, as she spoke about her husband. "My greenest flag ever."

A chuckle escapes Ameer's lips, as his head tilts watching Arzoo so keenly. His eyes dart towards Saqib, who indeed was staring in their direction with a thunderous expression on his face. And he smiled at Saqib, leaving him more fumed. And return his attention to the woman in front of him.

"You are in love, Arzoo." He wasn't asking but telling her.

She stilled, halting from dancing, as she stared up at him. She knew she had fallen for Saqib. But hearing it from another person makes it so real.

"Yes, I am." Taking a deep breath, she agrees, resuming their dance.

"He's lucky to have you."

"It's me who's lucky to have him in my life, as my other half." She corrected him.

"After the whole incident with Imran. I lost myself......." A shudder passes her whole body, which doesn't go unnoticed by Ameer. He caressed her hand that was in his, as a comfort, to keep her going.

Taking a deep breath, she continues. "But Saqib was there with me the whole time. Not giving up on me, when I did. Holding me in his arms, holding me, comforting me. Healing something that everyone thought was nearly impossible."

"So yes. I am in love with him."

"Have you mentioned it to him?"

"Not yet. I plan to soon, with big gestures."


Arzoo entered their bedroom with Saqib on her heels, slamming the door shut with so much force, that Arzoo knew that he was still angry for an unknown reason, which she needed to discover yet.

"Are you angry with me?" Her question fell on deaf ears.

"Saqib." Her voice turns firm. "I am asking you a question."

He removed the watch that he was wearing and kept it on the table. His suit followed next and later he tore his shirt apart, and buttons flew around the room. Revealing his muscular chest with his six-pack and his V-line.

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