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Her whole existence shatters, tears wouldn't stop streaming down her face. Her whole form was brutally shaking, if it weren't Saqib holding her, she couldn't stand or walk by herself.

Fresh tears replaced the old ones, and her heart stopped beating for a few seconds, as her gaze fell on Imran. It wasn't the same Imran she knew. The Imran she knew was full of life and energy. But the one that was in front of her, was lifeless. He was lying on the bed, with several wires attached to his body, some of his body parts were fractured, and he seemed to be in so much pain.

"Imran." She let out a sob, as she ran towards his side and sat on the chair beside the bed. Saqib stands behind her small form, his hands in his pocket.

While driving to the hospital, Saqib informed his and Arzoo's parents about Imran. And asked them to inform others. The women of the family when they found out about Imran, they started crying. And promised him that they would join them in the hospital as soon as possible.

The drive to the hospital was one the most difficult ones for Saqib, as he witnessed Arzoo crying the whole time so hard, that he feared that she might pass out.

Arzoo took Imran pale and bruised hand in her soft shaking one and placed a soft kiss on it. As she asks, "How did this happen, Imran?"

Imran tries and with great difficulty says her name. "A-Ar-Arzoo."

He tried to smile which seemed to be a difficult task for him, despite the tears that started forming in his eyes.

"I am...... sorry, Arzoo." His breathing became so heavy, that he was finding it difficult to form a sentence.

"Please don't speak, Imran. If it's so painful for you."

"No. Please, let me speak. For all I know this could be my last time speaking with you."

She shakes her head, as she places her other hand on his lips. "Khuda Ke Vaaste Aese Baat Mat Karo, Imran. Rooh Kaap Jaate Hai Mere." She sobs, as her tears roll down her cheeks and later on his hand that she was griping.

He moved her hand from his lips and held it in his hand, slightly caressing her hand. "Bolne Do, Mujhe Arzoo."

"I----" He clears his throat, as his weak voice breaks. "I am seeing my parents in my dreams, Arzoo. They are waiting for me."

She was about to say something but stopped as he shook his head and continued. "Humara Safar bhale hi bohot Chota Tha. Par Bohot Haseen Tha." Big huge remorseful tears ran down his eyes, as his body slightly shook despite his best attempt to control it. "Thanks, Arzoo. For coming into my life."

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