Chapter 1

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Chapter One

Amelia laughed as Tool and Lee Christmas played their knife competition after returning to Tool's tattoo shop after a long mission.

"Boys, boys, you two can stop arguing about whom is better when we all know that the best knife thrower, is me," Amelia quipped at the men causing the other Expendables to hoot and holler at the challenge she just threw down.

Amelia is a mercenary, apart of the Expendables, and has been for the past two years. She loves it completely and she especially loves showing these men how it's done.

"Okay, big shot. Put your money where your mouth is," Christmas demanded from where the two stood. She smiled as she set her beer down on the little table between where she and their leader Barney Ross had been watching the whole thing.

Gunnar Jensen, Yin Yang, Toll Road, and Hale Caesar, their other members watched on from their various places around the shop. This wasn't the first time Amelia joined in the knife throwing, and this wouldn't be the first time that Amelia trashed both Tool and Christmas, and it definitely wouldn't be the last.

"Okay, you asked for it. Tool, for my reward of our little contest, I would like another tattoo. Lee, well, you I'll just take your money."

"Okay, doll, whatever you say," Tool said with a smirk, already knowing that she was going to beat them. He never minded designing and tattooing Amelia as she appreciated his work and loved almost every single thing he has tattooed on her. So far, she has five free tattoos, one of which was the Expendables symbol on her left shoulder. On the other shoulder was a fancy shaped yellow Y with horns of a bull coming around behind it. None of them knew the meaning behind this one and never asked, but they all knew that whatever that symbol stood for had the same level of importance to their female teammate that the Expendables did.

Lee moved to the side as she stepped up beside him but then he grew puzzled as she began to backup.

"What're you doing?" He asked.

"That spot is too close. Need to get a little further if I want to make it fair to you and Tool."

"Big talk for someone whom hasn't thrown the knife yet," Lee shot out.

Amelia laughed, throwing her head back, her long red hair falling down her back in waves. All of the guys were struck dumb at the moment as they were reminded of how young and beautiful their teammate actually was.

They all shook themselves from that slight shock and went back to watching the ass whopping she was about to deliver.

As her laughter trailed off, she locked eyes onto Lee and with a move too fast, she had unsheathed one of her red knives and had thrown it. It thudded smack dab in the middle, right in between Lee and Tool's knives with a satisfied thud.

The men looked at her, impressed even though they had all known how skilled she was with knives.

"I'll take my winnings from you now," Amelia said with a smirk as she came to stand beside Lee once more. He scoffed jokingly but handed her the $100 that he owed her for winning the little contest.

"Here, you little demon."

"Thank you! Pleasure doing business with ya!" She said as she walked back over to her chair and sat down, grabbing her beer to take a long drag.

She couldn't help her soft smile as she heard the other guys tease Tool and Lee about losing to her once more. Tool brought her knife back over to her.

"Here ya go, darlin'," Tool rasped. "I'll get going on drawing your tattoo. Any requests?"

"No people. Other than that, go wild." Tool grinned, his mind already racing as he settled at his desk and began sketching.

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