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[Krist & Singto in their youtuber/livestreamer era]

Singto gazes down mournfully at the clumpy hardened rice in the pot. It's beyond any sort of salvation and even if it was, he wouldn't risk getting diarrhea from consuming something that looks like a cat had hurled up. Which means, Singto's only option now would be to either order delivery (again) or resort to his stash of instant noodles (surprise surprise). Now, in Singto's defense, cooking simply wasn't his forte. It was too...hectic; oil splattering, deciding which ingredients to put in first, determining how much of the condiments he should put in.

It was just too much.

As the thunder continues to rumble on outside, thick droplets of rain pattering heavily against the windowpane, Singto comes to a decision easily enough. Ordering something from the delivery app would take far too long, so instant noodles it is. Feeling less burdened about not having to cook, Singto opens his kitchen cabinet, instantly opting for the spicy shrimp tom yum flavor.

Once the cup noodle is filled with water and the powder thrown in, Singto carefully carries it back to where his computer table is. He had spent the past two hours livestreaming himself playing Persona 5 Royal and although it was nearly ten at night, Singto hadn't even changed out of his office clothes. As his face comes into view on the screen once more, the comments start flooding the chat box once more.

ryujijokerstan: Instant noodles again?!

morganaisnotacat: Isn't that the fourth time this week?

akhhg8748: How are you not bald yet, P'Sing?

iwatchtoomuchbls: No, the question is he not in hospital yet?

Singto laughs at some of the top comments, reaching for his headset and placing it over his ears and adjusting the mic.

''Come on, guys. Cut me some slack please. I'm just that bad at cooking.'' He lifts up the lid of his cup noodles, breaking the chopsticks apart to break apart the softened noodles. ''Maybe you guys should recommend me some easy recipes.''

iwatchtoomuchbls: Check out @/krist5minrecipes on Youtube!

raikantopenigirl: @/krist5minrecipes ! He's saved my life with all of his easy recipes.

oiyouaisat:           @/krist5minrecipes, you need to teach @/watchsingtoplay how to cook ;_; dude's only 27, but he's going to bald if he doesn't cut down on the MSG.                                                 

More comments flood Singto's live comment section, with majority of it asking him to check out @/krist5minrecipes. He doesn't think much of it until he ends his stream forty-five minutes later. It had taken Singto a solid five years to build up his Youtube channel from a mere 15 followers to the 2500 count that he's amassed now. Of course, he wasn't on par with any of the well-known content creators out there, but he genuinely enjoyed being able to share his commentary about the games that he enjoys playing.

He's scrolling through Youtube for a video to play as background noise while cleaning up when he's reminded of his subscribers' comments. Might as well. He types in the username in the search bar and clicks on one of the top viewed videos, his computer chair squeaking faintly as he leans back into it.

''Hey guys, it's Krist and 5 min recipes again today! As you can see, I have my timer here as usual-'' The male in the video holds up a turtle-shaped timer, looking very much at ease in front of the camera even though he was only dressed in a casual pair of sleep shorts and an oversized white t-shirt.

And Singto can't help but to watch one video after another, only realizing he had spent twenty minutes binging through Krist's cooking videos. It's simple and straight to the point with no excessively complicated cooking jargon. The best part of it was that most of the male's recipes didn't even have that much ingredients to begin with, and he was precise with his instructions, even throwing in a couple of jokes or two that made Singto chuckle.

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