Plan A

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Momo's POV

"Wow..." I mumbled as soon as I saw the mansion that's owned by one of the richest family in Korea. "Life is truly unfair."

"Cut the drama short, Momo-unnie." My friend, Mina said. "We still have works to do." She quickly added but I can see that she's also amazed by how big this whole place is. I mean, who won't be anyway? I didn't respond and just brought my attention back to the mansion.

'Seriously, we're living a life of peasants while the people inside this friggin' building are living a life of royals.' I thought.

"So guys... How can we enter a mansion this big?" Sana said with her eyes focused on the mansion. I swear that she looks more like a squirrel when she's surprised. I smirked and put my gloves on.

"Let's separate."

Mina facepalmed and gave me an indifferent look. "Are you kidding me, unnie?" She said. "We don't even know what's beyond this gate."

"That's why we will find out." I grumbled. "This place is freaking big and it will take us the whole night to search the diamond if we don't separate." I put my face mask and tied my hair in a ponytail. My hair really stands out because it's blonde but so does Sana's so yeah. Our group basically consists of idiots.

Sana sighed and also tied her hair in a low ponytail. "What if there are dogs inside and tear us to pieces? We'll be dead if that happens." She said, putting her face mask on. All of us are wearing black mask, jackets and pants. Don't ask me why because it's quite obvious.

"Then communicate with them." Mina mumbled. She's a red head that's why she can't be noticed easily. Her steps are quiet as well thanks to her ballet lessons. I giggled at her comment and Sana just pouted.

"Hey! I'm also your unnie. Respect me a little." Sana said with that cute voice of hers.

"Yes Sana-unnie."

I tried to stifle my laughter. We're outside of a god damn mansion with an obviously large amount of security devices. If someone heard us and suspected us, it's possible for a laser to come out of nowhere and leave a hole in our precious body.

"Okay..." I mumbled, wiping the tears forming in the side of my eyes. "Let's do this." The other two nodded and put their earpieces. I did the same and turned it on.

"According to Jihyo-unnie, the heart diamond is most likely hidden in the master's bedroom. So that means, the master's bedroom is the target place."

"The biggest room it is then." Sana said, smiling. "Can't wait to find it."

"The family living here is composed of 4 members. They have maids, obviously. With a house this big, who wouldn't hire a maid?" Mina continued. "2 story building that's why there is a floor where two of us will search for the master's bedroom."

"Sana and Mina, you guys search the 2nd floor." I smirked. "I'll be searching the 1st floor alone."

"Oh~ As expected of our Momo-chan." Sana said, giving me a thumbs up.

"Are you sure about that, Unnie?" Mina asked.

"I'm surer of this than my future plans." I said, looking at her eyes before standing up. I tugged my belt to make sure that it won't fall down. After reassuring that everything is in place, I said, "C'mon. We still have works to do."


Sana's POV

"That's what they said but what if there's really a dog here?" I mumbled. 'But putting that aside, where the hell is the main building?!' I groaned.

I've been walking for a while now and all I can see are big trees, ponds, small houses, big trees and TREES. '!' I kicked the nearest wall and quickly regret it after feeling the pain.

"Curse everything." I mumbled angrily. I quickly sat down and leaned on the wall that I freakin' kicked out of the blue. 'I should've asked the two. Ugghh. Why are you so smart Minatozaki Sana?'

I quickly touched my earpiece and said, "Hey, guys... I'm kinda lost. Where is the main building again?" I heard few buzzing sounds before hearing someone on the other line.

"Are you kidding me?" Mina said, sighing. "You don't fail to amaze me, Unnie."

"Should I take that as a compliment or not?"

I heard Momo sighing before saying, "It's the main building so obviously it's somewhere in the middle of this place. Actually I'm here already."

"Figures." I said, before realization hits me harder than puberty. Okay maybe puberty hit me harder. Well enough about that. "Is the color of the walls somewhat creamy white?"

"Uh-huh." Momo said.

"And it's 2 story-building, right?" I continued.

"Are you really listening to what I said earlier, Minato-" Mina scolded me but she did not finished what she was saying because of what I said.

"Just answer me." I don't plan to make my tone that serious but at least I made Mina stop.

"Yes, it is." She replied.

"Oh okay then I'm already here." I said, smiling brightly. I can imagine Mina and Momo face palming because of me but who cares. At least I found the main building. 'Now the only remaining thing to find is that heart diamond.'

I removed my finger in the earpiece and looked around to see if there's any way to go inside the building. To go inside the 2nd floor of the building to be exact because only idiots will go inside and use the stairs to reach it.

'Maybe there's a window or something around here.' I thought, observing my surroundings.

"What the hell is up with this building? It's so big but I can't find any windows on it!" I grumbled. But after so many struggles, I found a balcony. Finally. 'The lights are off then that means no one is in that room. Lucky~'

I quickly climbed up a tree to reach the balcony. Well, squirrels are good at climbing trees anyway. 'I should stop dissing myself. Seriously.' When I reached the top of the tree, I quickly jumped and landed on the balcony. Without any sound of course.

Well that's what I thought until I heard a barking sound beside me.


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