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Our Little Baby Maknaes by lisaslomi
Our Little Baby Maknaesby ً
TWICE wakes up one morning finding their Maknae Line turned into toddlers how will TWICE respond to this sudden change? can they turn the maknaes back to normal before t...
Blackpink × Twice Group Chat by kpopblackpink23
Blackpink × Twice Group Chatby BP
BP and Twice being best friends
Call My Name by Bp_hiu
Call My Nameby Baeleeeunbo
Wherein, Lalisa tried out for their school volleyball team and she met the strict, brutal, and talented Captain of the volleyball team named Jennie Ruby Jane Kim. "...
MAKE HER MINE | Jenlisa G!P  by Manduuuuuulili
MAKE HER MINE | Jenlisa G!P by Lisa manobangs-kim
Jennie Rubyjane Kim, CEO of the Kim Corporation, is dreaded by many people due to her chilly seriousness and capacity to murder people with her words and hit them with h...
Darling, I Love You | MiChaeng✔️ by CubChaeng
Darling, I Love You | MiChaeng✔️by snchoerry
"You're annoying, idiotic and stubborn. I hate you." "Hm, we all know you mean the opposite Ms. Myoui." ~ ©️CubChaeng | Univeristy AU Hope you enjoy...
Not a Robot | Satzu by Lost_Pengu
Not a Robot | Satzuby Han (on break)
It all started when Sana thought Tzuyu's a robot.
Our Time Together // Jihyo X Reader by WritingRey
Our Time Together // Jihyo X Readerby Rey
Jihyo and Y/N are a married couple with two kids. Y/N is a manager in a big company while Jihyo is a rookie journalist. Their marriage has been going smoothly for years...
Destined || Michaeng by SmolGommie
Destined || Michaengby Gommie Sama
Minatozaki Sana from the famous kpop girl group TWICE suddenly collapses while practicing their dance routine. It was thought to be due to stress and exhaustion but when...
Yoo Jeongyeon came from one of the richest families in South Korea, together with her sisters; Son Chaeyoung, Kim Dahyun, and Chou Tzuyu. Their surname are different fro...
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x Female Reader) by 4four4four4
CEO's Love Story (Park Jihyo x Fem...by 4four4four4
Park Jihyo became the CEO of her late father's company at a relatively young age after his sudden passing. Everything was going relatively smoothly until something happe...
As you wish princess (JENLISA) by Katsuyosei
As you wish princess (JENLISA)by Katsuyosei
Lalisa Manoban is the bully of the school,she has no friends since everyone is scared of her. No one can fight her back afraid to be fired from school since the owner of...
INSANE (michaeng) by afteram
INSANE (michaeng)by made in the am
What will happen if a KILLER, DRUG LORD AND THE CEO OF MOST FAMOUS COMPANY IN THE WORLD will fell in love with a detective named Chaeyoung. THIS IS A FANFICTION STORY ⚠️...
TWICE Oneshots || jihyometry by jihyometry
TWICE Oneshots || jihyometryby aika `
Just oneshots of what I think TWICE does every once in a while © jihyometry 2016
赤い糸 - Red String of Fate by Bulgogi_Bap
赤い糸 - Red String of Fateby 제🍹
230? 230! - Will they accept the truth and forgive? - _____________________________ My First Fanfic Started writing: 19 Feb 2019 Status: On-going Plot: ⚠️VERY SLOW-pace...
Miserable man || satzu by imagcldi
Miserable man || satzuby ean
"tzuyu, who has always been a traffic police officer, is trying hard to become a detective." "And he also tries to gain the sympathy of that detective he...
Devil in the Shadows by TwiceFever
Devil in the Shadowsby twicestan
10 years of service in the special forces and countless escapades to the west didn't prepare Jeongyeon for what came next. She never anticipated meeting her again, the o...
CHEATER ↺ 2yeon by reneloml
CHEATER ↺ 2yeonby ً
❝if you love me, then why the fuck did you cheat on me?❞ - in which nayeon cheats on her wife with eunwoo. a 2yeon short fanfiction. status ; completed. © reneloml , 201...
Greedy || MiChaeng by TwiceWrites
Greedy || MiChaengby Author-nim
What happens when a suddenly rich cub raised by the poor meets an arrogant penguin who always got what she wanted? Enjoy this story with romance, comedy and a slice of d...
Twice One Shots & Reactions by moguridragon
Twice One Shots & Reactionsby moguridragon
**REQUESTS ARE OPEN** All Twice Ships. Fluff, Angst, etc.
The Cure // Im Nayeon x Reader by WritingRey
The Cure // Im Nayeon x Readerby Rey
*COMPLETED* A story in which Nayeon is the daughter of a billionare CEO. She wants to become the next CEO of her father's company but that isn't going very smoothly ever...