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Section Z by XHAPPHIER
how can you turn the last section into a leading one?.......find out.
Hidden lives by Fluffypuppy20
Hidden livesby Fluffypuppy
Lalisa Manoban and her 6 sisters lived normal life's hidden in the shadows so no one could know their secret but a certain Kim and her bestfriends just had to ruin that...
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// seulrene ff  by _chelsseyy
Marrying Ms. Popular✔️// 🦋
[ENGLISH] My life sucks! I'm marrying that little freakin' devil reincarnate-I mean I'm marrying Ms. Popular. (Completed) (Edited) a seulrene ff! If you're a reveluv rea...
My Unwanted Screen Partner (COMPLETED) by natzki2019
My Unwanted Screen Partner ( natzki2019
What happens when one of the most in demand actress Irene Bae needs to work in a project as a love interest for Kang, Seulgi, her most hated rival in the industry. Will...
Bully - SeulRene [ENGLISH] by YEHW0LF
Bully - SeulRene [ENGLISH]by Lex
This is pure gay. g!p Seulgi.
Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE and Redvelvet) by Katsuyosei
Blackpink In Your Area (Ft TWICE Katsuyosei
Random conversation between the members of blackpink
One Sided Love || SeulRene by kkotpiurira
One Sided Love || SeulReneby i'mAsoup
In which Seulgi loves Irene so much although the latter didn't seems to feel the same... And Seulgi still loves her even if she's hurting so bad... Until when can Seulg...
Through Amy.  |  SEULRENE by lueshun
Through Amy. | SEULRENEby Sam
Through Amy. A story of two women, who found instant connection with each other through a little kid's presence.
My Blessing by _shnl_01
My Blessingby EunJi Kwon
This is a story about a girl who works at a club and a cop who raid the club that the girl works in. A/N: This was my first story here. This was already complete in AFF...
Happiness (Ongoing) by YooYeoniiee_
Happiness (Ongoing)by Jeorge
It's hard to give Happiness in their lives, it's not easy. !!!GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!!!
PERMISSION TO LOVE (COMPLETED) by jenlisa_chaesoogays
The story about the Basketball team captain who hates the Students Representative, She them Everytime they do something wrong, But what if....the enemies fall inlove wit...
THE NERD AND THE PSYCHO "G!P" by jenlisa_4ever1627
Lisa Manoban is an nerd, bubbly, caring, clingy, childish, and an innocent girl sometimes she sassy and savage. Came from Thailand who got a scholarship in the JRJK Univ...
school heart throb by MEEPBLUEEEEE
school heart throbby Bae Joohyun
i was a nerd at school who made the school heart throb fall inlove with... But the nerd has a big secret a secret that the school heart throb would be so shocked to know
Painkiller (Jenlisa) by skysoo0112
Painkiller (Jenlisa)by Skysoo Kim
Lisa a first-year college student in SNU she hardly got in. She is taking a Bachelor of Arts major in Photography. She has a messy life with no parents, no stable job, a...
Unwant wife [18+] by HiL0329
Unwant wife [18+]by Renebae
Arrange marry is bad but begin with Bae joohyun isn't bad.
A Journey to Forever ( Life Is Too Short Sequel) by natzki2019
A Journey to Forever ( Life Is natzki2019
After three long years, Lisa decided to touch her late girlfriend's things. From there, she found out a letter telling her to search for Jennie Kim. In order to do that...
Tell me ✓ | SEULRENE by Ddeulhyunnie
Tell me ✓ | SEULRENEby Nic
So, here's president Bae and Volleyball captain Kang for you. Enjoy :))))
UGLY NO MORE by Liliessweetheart
UGLY NO MOREby Bbeuchins lilies
a Jenlisa Fanfiction.. A story between the Hottie and the Ugly! [with matured content] (≧▽≦)
Crossing The Line (Seulrene) by Neonlightsonmyface
Crossing The Line (Seulrene)by Neonlightsonmyface
Sometimes hate was just love all along. Joohyun didn't understand her negative feelings toward Seulgi....until one stormy night. TW: Internalized Homophobia
I'm not just a Pretty Girl(JENLISA) by LALISYEUXDENINI
I'm not just a Pretty Girl(JENLISA)by Boss Bish~
(COMPLETED) Lalisa Manoban also know being a 'Pretty Girl' who everyone admires. She's not just a pretty girl.She's also rich,famous and Dual personality...she maybe goo...