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Jimin awoke with his head placed on a chest, the heartbeat strong against his ear.

Arms were wrapped around him holding him gently, deep breaths of sleep moving Jimin's head up and down.

His hand was being held by a familiar hand. Long bony fingers, nails bitten down, pale skin. He held the hand a little firmer. Then splaying his fingers gently loosening them apart.

A bigger, deeper breath was made, arms straightening in a stretch. The body under Jimin hummed as he stretched, then turned and pulled Jimin under him as he rolled.

"Good morning, Jiminnie." Yoongi's sleep voice made Jimin's heart jump with love.

"What are you doing here, Hyung? Not that I'm not happy you're here, but..." Jimin wrapped his arms around the older and stared up at him.

"I came to check on you last night but you were already asleep. So I just joined you." Yoongi placed a kiss on Jimin's lips and snuggled into the younger.

"If you wanted to have sex, you could have just woke me-"

"I didn't come here for sex. I came here for you." Yoongi's face darkened and he started to move away from the younger.

"But you've never done that before. What's different now?" Jimin asked hopefully. He wanted to know if Yoongi came in here because he loved him too.

"Nothing. You're still my dongsaeng. And I care about you, just like I care about my other dongsaengs." Yoongi lost his courage in telling Jimin the truth. That he really came in there because he wanted the love of the younger.

"Hyung. It's getting hard to breathe like this. Could you get off?" As soon as Yoongi moved, Jimin flipped the sheets up and away. He sat up on the side of the bed and turned his back on Yoongi.

"I think we need to end things between us, Hyung. You can find someone else to get your stress out with." Jimin left the room after he spoke, not letting Yoongi say anything.

Yoongi felt his heart shatter at the younger's words. End things? He wanted to end things with him? Yoongi clutched at his chest and struggled to breathe.

His heart had just walked out the door and left him broken. And he wasn't sure if he'd be able to go on the same again.


Jimin shut the bathroom door and leaned against it. He reached behind him and locked it.

He shed his clothes and stepped into the shower, turning it on. He let the cold water wash over him hoping to numb the pain.

He reached to the wall and bent over trying to breathe. His heart was left inside his room and left him broken. He sobbed as quietly as he could, holding his hands over his mouth and nose. He didn't want to let on what was happening to him.

He cried out every time he walked away from Yoongi. Each tear was he kiss he shared and every hitch of breath was a nominee shared with his Hyung. He stifled every sound of heart wrenching pain, just like he stifled every moan when they were together.

He didn't want anyone to know he was breaking inside. He needed to be able to put himself back together before the end of his shower. And he hoped the cold water hid any remains of his brokenness.

He calmed down as his body became numb. He stuck his face under the spray washing away his pain. He breathed out and paused. He held his breath and thought of everything.

Every kiss, every touch, every look. He washed it all away in the water.

He turned it off and stepped out. He rubbed his hand against the mirror, wiping the steam away. He stared at his reflection and tried to smile.

But it wouldn't come. But it will.

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