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Onimikeler: Meet the Crissons



It was a few days after Christmas. The snow covered the hills, the sun unable to melt it despite shining down for hours. Kids all around the town were playing outside with each other. Families of the town spend time at the parks, watching their kids sled down the sides of the large hills, skate on the ice of lakes, and make snowmen. Everything seemed so much like a Christmas movie.

The day felt perfect.

Tyler Crisson, eight years old, found himself being dragged outside by Rose and the rest of his family. He didn't really want to be outside, but he had no choice in the matter. His mother and father were sitting together on one of the benches of the park. His grandma Jacky was talking to some of her friends. Tyler's Aunt Alice was playing with some of the kids, helping them build snowmen for their snow army, while her boyfriend Gordon helped the apposing team build snowmen for their snow army.

"Hey! Wanna play tag?"

Rose, who was only a few years older then him, ran up to him. She had a huge smiled on her face and snow in her tangled hair. Tyler was glad she was here, as he was worried he'd have to play all alone out here. He looked up at her, his hair short and messy, his clothes big on him, but warm.

"Okay." He smiled. "Who's fir-"

"YOU ARE!" Rose grinned. "TAG!"

After pushing Tyler's shoulder, a bit harder then she realized, she sprinted off in the other direction, towards a few trees off to the side of a pick nick area. Tyler ran after her, powering through the snow, determined to catch her no matter what. He could hear her laughing and found himself laughing too.

His sister ran around one of the large trees, pausing for a second just to taunt her slow poke of a younger brother. She then launched herself off of one of the roots that stuck out of the snow, running even faster then before towards the benches where their parents sat. Tyler ran around the tree too, already his breathing becoming hard. He paused at the root, just out of sight from the benches and pick nick areas.

He paused, his chest slightly in pain from what he thought was the running. He shook his head, determined to continue to chase after his sister. He wasn't going to give up on this game. He used the root to launch himself off of, running back around the tree, towards his sister and parents.

But the pain in his chest grew, and he had to stop, because it was far too uncomfortable. The pain was in his chest and it grew upwards into his neck and his jaw, and he felt his wrists and shoulder blades ache as well. He hunched over in the snow, scared. Running never caused this much pain. He began to cry in panic, tears falling down his face. The more he cried, the more it hurt.


Rose was quick to notice her brother crying in the distance, no longer playing their game. She quickly sprinted away from her parents, towards her little brother.

"Tyler!?" Their mother stood up, realizing her child was crying. She and her husband got up, running down the slight hill of snow to reach their son.

Rose reached her brother, who felt weak from the aching, but also a bit light headed. She tried to get him to talk to her, but he just kept crying.

"Tyler! What's wrong?!" His mother come over and picked the boy up into her arms.

"We were just p-playing!" Rose cried out, scared and worried, tears in her eyes too.

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