CH 1: Ghost Snow

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Onimikeler: Meet The Crissons

Chapter One: Ghost Snow


"This is really something you should have brought up to me a couple weeks okay, you know?"

"That's what you get for running away from this for the last three years."

"Don't blame me for being introverted!"

"I'm not, I'm just saying you should suffer like the rest of us."

Tyler snorted. "I can't believe you just admitted aloud that you dislike going as much as I do."

"I don't dislike going! There are just some relatives I get really tired of buying gifts for, you know?" His mother, Mrs. Crisson, replied over the phone.

"There are a lot of relatives I don't even know well enough to buy shit for!"


Tyler frowned, leaning against the counter in the kitchen. "Sorry mom."

"Anyway, I'm sure they won't expect anything very meaningful from you."

"That's both positive and negative."

"Everything is both positive and negative."

Tyler began to walk away from the counter, into the kitchen, where Mike was sitting with his laptop. In the distance was Onity, watching some reality TV show.

"I don't see the positive in blackmailing me a week and a half from Christmas into spending Christmas with people I haven't talked to in years." Tyler said a little louder, Mike pausing from the laptop to look up at Tyler.

"I'm not the one blackmailing you! I would never!" Tyler's mother replied.

"You're in on it though."

"My sister drags me into everything. I'm sorry."

"Aunt Alice needs to quit."

"Well you can tell her that yourself when you get to the house."

"I didn't even say I was going yet!" Tyler sat down in one of the seats at the table, glancing over and meeting Mike's look.

"It looks to me that you have no choice this year."

"Okay, alright. Say If I did go. Why the ever loving fuck would I want to miss a Christmas with Mike and Onity!" Tyler replied. "Language, I know, I'm sorry."

"They could always come with you. They are part of the family!" His mother answered.

Tyler paused. He was hoping she'd understand, but it looked like he was wrong.

"Look, mom. You and dad were pretty hesitant about our relationship at first. I mean, you both support me pretty much no matter what. I could probably become a stripper and though you wouldn't like it you would still have my back."

He continued. "That said, I don't know about the others. You don't let your beliefs get in the way of your family, but I don't know about Aunt Alice and Grandma and everyone else. If all my family was chill, I wouldn't have skipped out of these family reunions for three years."

His mother sighed. "I know. I will admit, I don't know either. But Tyler, they'll find out sooner or later, won't they? I mean, if your relationship now is bound to grow at any point in the future."

"Let them find out over Facebook while we're states apart and they are unable to verbally or physically attack me or my loved ones for being sinners." Tyler replied. "Also, you know, I might be the one in danger of heart attacks, but I think Mike would be the one we should worry about. You'd be a sh- bad mother-in-law to force him to face negative judgment like that."

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