1: From Good To Bad

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"I can't believe it. I'm an Angel?"

Iris was standing in front of her mother, smiling as she found out the truth.

"Not only that, but you are now the keeper of an ancient magical relic, the Angelican Circle. I trust that you will protect it with your life." Her mother said, as she handed her daughter a magic scepter, which was golden, with a dark blue aura surrounding it.

"I will, Mom. Thank you." Iris smiled, taking the scepter in her hands.

Iris passed by her sister's room, which was, surprisingly, empty. She then saw a note on her bed.

Dear Family,

          I am sorry, but I could not go on anymore. My life was a mess, and the stress just kept piling up. I hope you understand, and go on with your lives.



Tears stung at Iris's eyes, as they changed from purple to blue. She was laying on her sister's pink carpeted floor, sobbing loudly. She couldn't believe that Forsythia committed suicide. Dead. Her sister was dead.

Iris wished she had been there for her, to help her. To comfort her. To save her. But it was too late.

Forsythia was gone.

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