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Aom cracks a sad smile when see a photo on her instagram. "Another girl, huh? You must be happy," says Aom, talking to herself. This isn't the first time she sees photo like that. To be honest, she really hates seeing photos like that.

"Aom, are you okay?" asks Beam, her manager.

"Huh?" Aom forget that she isn't alone in this waiting room. There's also her manager. "I'm okay, P'Beam." She fakes a smile, hopes that her manager buys her answer that full of lie.

Beam knows that Aom isn't that okay, there's something with her, but she can't force her to telling to him. So, he's pretending that he believes that Aom okay. Beam gives her a smile, encourage smile for exactly.

"Okay then. After this show you'll have to attend a fan signing event at Siam Mall," says Beam, telling Aom her schedule.

Aom nods. "Okay."

Beam stands up and pushes his seat. "You're okay if I leave you for minutes?"

"It's okay, P'Beam," replies Aom then fakes a smile again.

Beam nods. "Call me if there's anything." He's going out from Aom waiting room. He could feel that Aom want to be alone now. That's why he initiatives to go out from the room. He goes to balcony on that floor.

He stops at coffee machine and buying one cup coffee then heading toward the balcony. He takes out his cigarette from his coat pocket, lights it, and puts into his mouth. Even though Aom didn't tell to him what makes she sad, but he knows it. Just one person that can make Aom like that. That person.

"If only she didn't meet with that person, she won't be like that," murmur Beam.

Aom is an actress in Thailand and the other countries starts to know her too. She's starring on many movies and series. The movie that made her well-known in other countries is Yes or No. Yes or No is a movie that tells about the same gender relationship; the struggles that they had must face it, but in the end, they had a happy ending. She played with Suppanad Jittaleela that had nickname Tina. She was a newbie back then, but thanks to that movie, she got well-known. She had a handsome face and beautiful too. As conclusion, she's charming. So easy to get in love with her, include Aom.

She never had a friend tom. She's a bit scares with them, but when she got to know Tina, she felt comfortable. They became so close after Yes or No part 2 released. Then Aom realized that the feel that she felt wasn't just for a friend. She became greedy and wanted Tina for herself. Not just Aom that felt like that, but Tina too. They decided to have a relationship more than just friend, until now. Latterly Aom found that Tina always took photos with other girls. She annoyed of course, plus they rarely met and even just talked at phone is too difficult to them. At first, Aom understood Tina position that she got many jobs lately. It lied if Aom didn't get jealous everytime she saw Tina photos with other girls, with big smiles too.

After thinking for seconds, Aom press number one on her phone. She's waiting for the answer.

"Hallo, Baby, I'm sorry, but I'm kind of busy now. Talk to you later, okay. Bye." Tina's talking without given Aom chance to talk and then ends it.

Aom releases a deep exhale. She strokes her hair. "I hate you, Tina."


Aom phone vibrates when she's still doing fan sign. She takes a glance to her phone, Tina. She hesitates to answers it, but then she takes her phone and answers the call.

"Hallo?" Aom's saying in such flat tone closer to cold.

"Hi, Baby. What you're doing?" asks Tina in happy tone.

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