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The keep my love a secret. by Zoe_hernandez38
The keep my love a secret.by Diana
This is a story about a famous women secret fell in love with a tomboy. She tried to hide her emotions. However, she can't help it. A famous tomboy will figure her out o...
HERSHE - TIAOM by schindlee
HERSHE - TIAOMby schindlee
What would happen if a good-looking tomboy had swept off a homophobic's feet?
UNTOUCHABLE - TIAOM by schindlee
"I always thought that dying in the hands of those monsters is scary. But now I realized that nothing, NOTHING, is scarier than being alone in a room, standing in f...
10 Wishes by MiyukiNadsWatty
10 Wishesby Meykaeyla
What if may magsabi sayo na kaya niyang i-grant ang 10WISHES mo? Maniniwala ka ba? Well, Lets find out kung anong gagawin ni Ron :))
Don't Doubt My Love [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
Don't Doubt My Love [COMPLETED]by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETE] Once upon a time, there was a blind girl who happened to fall in love with a person who she thought to be her soul mate forever. Four years of relations...
In Love With A Star by arkiako05
In Love With A Starby arkiako05
In Love With A Star is a fanfic-made novel life story of a very successful Thai actress, Aom Sushar, gets to live her lifelong dream in rich and famed world. She has eve...
Where My Love Bloom by RevoSpark77
Where My Love Bloomby Dr Revo Spark
She was my first love and will always be my first and last. No matter how hard you try those feelings, those memories can't be replaced or forgotten. I always cherish th...
the blue rose by JidwiSushar49
the blue roseby JiDwi
This is the story of how I fell and went to heaven 😊.. This is the story of how my world turn upside down by a moody beautiful girl.. Kimhan!!!!!! That's my Aom my one...
You're Mine by midxGod
You're Mineby midxGod
Fate tried to break us apart but fate also connects us when the time is right. Because in the end. You're Mine !
The Best Man by CookieO1213
The Best Manby CookieO1213
This story is a Fanfiction of Kim and Pie from the thai movie "Yes or No". The movie was introduced to me by my cousin who is a member of the LGBT community. I...
this is my first fan fic pls njoy and vote for my story sorry for any grammar mistake
The Beautiful Prince by PurpleOrchidgirl
The Beautiful Princeby PurpleOrchidgirl
A story of a royalty whose face can launch a thousand ships and also confuse a thousand hearts....
#1 FIRST TIME by kika_ieqa
#1 FIRST TIMEby kika_ieqa
When you meet someone for the first time, that's not the whole book. That's just first page.
The One That Got Away(tiaom) by leemorilla
The One That Got Away(tiaom)by leemorilla
this is based on true story,but ill change some of the names thou,it will be my firstime to write here,so pls be patient..tnx.enjoy Cast Tina as Lee Aom as Nehc
The Unexpected by midxGod
The Unexpectedby midxGod
Pie was being pestered by her parents and friend that she should get a boyfriend now. She's not yet that ready to have one or rather she's not that hurried to have one...
She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED] by NSTSiYA
She's The Bridegroom [COMPLETED]by Nastasiya
[TIAOM COMPLETED] Pie Mindara Manaying, a young maiden teacher has never thought that being single and enjoying her carefree life could lead her to a complete misery. It...