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✅I'm with my ex-Zha's mother [wearing the book]GL by Axin_Venus
✅I'm with my ex-Zha's mother [wear...by Axin Venus
Author: 逾浮 Huo Qingzhuo entered the entertainment circle at the age of seventeen and worked all the way Crawling, twenty-seven years old, won the laurel of the actress...
Gal Pals || Yandere!Harem X F!Reader by Babylon29247
Gal Pals || Yandere!Harem X F!Read...by Babylon
After dying of a caffeine overdose, you find yourself transmigrated into the last game you played, a yandere otome game. Unfortunately, you're the tutorial girl. As soon...
[4] Crazy Bastard (Female!Reader x Katarina/MNLAAV:ARLTD fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
[4] Crazy Bastard (Female!Reader x...by CHILLs_Studio33015
"If I can't be better, I can be worse." She's a vampire. Could be 18+ on some parts, I'd advise any of you below 15 not to read I guess created by: D, G, H, an...
Anime/Disney Girls x Fem!Reader (Yuri x Reader Oneshots) by iabbie
Anime/Disney Girls x Fem!Reader (Y...by bee✨
STILL ONGOING Girls. Need. More. Love. lesbian reader inserts for characters you still wish were real ♡ started in 2016 - ongoing now in 2020 includes anime, disney, pi...
Mahou Shoujo Reincarnation (INDEFINITE HIATUS) by Raven_Frostwing42
Mahou Shoujo Reincarnation (INDEFI...by Raven Frostwing
The strongest of all the magical girls that existed in Tokyo S has started to depress into the path of a monster just like all the other powerful magical girls, in the m...
Spidergwen: I have a system?!  by crazedmadman
Spidergwen: I have a system?! by GenderbentMerlin
After her death, a young woman is reborn in the world of Young Justice. But wait...why am I in jail?! Why am I Gwen Stacy, and what the hell is a Street level system...
Photo [Dxd] (GL) by codenamegooses
Photo [Dxd] (GL)by goose
A 19-year-old student who want to take photography at a school not far from her home. But fate throws her a curve, and she never expects to find herself in a battlegroun...
What is Your Answer? by KaixinPhoenix
What is Your Answer?by KaixinPhoenix
Erza Scarlet had a crush on one of her teammates and she had been complementating on how to ask that person out. In need of some help, she turns to Carla and Wendy and...
ᴛᴏɢᴇᴛʜᴇʀ  ʇou ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀ by _Fr0sTy
ᴛᴏɢᴇᴛʜᴇʀ ʇou ꜰᴏʀᴇᴠᴇʀby _anne
Former title: 𝗢𝗵 𝗺𝘆 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘀 (𝘼𝙊𝙏 𝙭 𝙄𝙨𝙚𝙠𝙖𝙞!𝙍𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧) [ON HOLD] [NOTICE!!!] Just on hold for now :) You're just an average person, an otaku along with...
so far so close by someone_is_happy
so far so closeby someone_is_happy
"Please don't leave us alone " "Y/n promise us you will come back " What happened when a childhood friends seperated from young What will be their r...
The Moonlight Pillar (Demon slayer) [Shoujo ai/Yuri] by Rokuro-Sama
The Moonlight Pillar (Demon slayer...by Roku-San
"It's almost like starting a game with a maxed out character! This is gonna be easy"I yelled Just have about 208 more years to go Lucifer strikes again! This...
In an impending doom creeping towards the last bastion of the human race the kingdom decide to summon some mighty beings to help them protect the citizens. Lily white an...
The disguised cannon fodder Alpha became famous in the love variety show by Hydrangea_Fly
The disguised cannon fodder Alpha...by Aster
Novel:https://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4159580 Popular food blogger Wen Huiyun became the cannon fodder of a Lily ABO article. The original owner and the heroin...
MYDISCWAN (GL) (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL)  by yrusoogayy5ever
MYDISCWAN (GL) (GXG) (GIRLXGIRL) by 4EverMerry&Gayyy
My Disciple Wants To Tease Me Every Day The number one beauty of the cultivation world, Di Jiufeng. Her enchanting beauty can drive any living thing crazy. One day, Fair...
Tanya x Female!Reader (youjo senki/ the saga of Tanya the evil fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
Tanya x Female!Reader (youjo senki...by CHILLs_Studio33015
•Yes this is gay. •Yes this is yuri. •Yes this might disappoint you. •Yes this is a fanfiction too. Amidst all the chaos in the air, she flew like an angel, for empirial...
Silver by Siekyou
Silverby Siekyou
Why did i live? For what purpose? Why me?
I'm competing with the male lead for the supporting character. [GL]  by Itstheplayboy
I'm competing with the male lead f...by Shaun Nicolo
我和男主抢女配 Author: 涂图画画 Machine Translation (Enhanced version) What? The male lead likes the intern and doesn't like his fiancée? Leave it to me! The delicate and pampere...
Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer Story by _---AAHW---_
Dust Devils - A Girls Und Panzer S...by _---AAHW---_
From the sands of the Mojave, Valarie Woodlin of Mojave Rose High School has been a passionate fan of the sport of tankery. For so long, she could only be a fan. No long...
I Want To Die...(RWBY x Suicidal Fem Reader) by something_gay2005
I Want To Die...(RWBY x Suicidal F...by something_gay2005
RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth. Can somebody kill me?...Please...No?...Okey...(cries in MC).
No Slacking! Maki Zenin X Fem Reader by thatblackguh2_0
No Slacking! Maki Zenin X Fem Read...by thatblackguh2_0
"Whats wrong out of breath?!" "Let me get some water Maki, PLEASE!!" "NO SLACKING!" Alright ima try to hop on the Maki supremacy wave too...
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