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The Human of DxD by JaeZInsane
The Human of DxDby Jay Jay
You know what this is... 2024 #1 In Kagari 1/28/24 #1 In Akeno 1/19/24 #1 In Sung Jin Woo 1/11/24 #1 In Monarchs 1/5/24 2023 #1 In Solo Leveling 12/8/23 #1 In Dragons 12...
Darth Vader x Highschool DXD by Jp36346
Darth Vader x Highschool DXDby Jp36346
Darth Vader, a name that striked fear in the enemy, very few survive the encounter with the fearsome Dark Lord of the Sith and live to tell the tale of him. After Vader'...
Father of Humanity (Highschool DXD x Adam RoR reader) by MenacingR
Father of Humanity (Highschool DXD...by Menacing
After the most glorious battle to happen in Ragnarok, Adam (real name (Y/N)) dies to the hands of Zeus. However his soul didn't die but rather was transported to another...
DxD Harem x Neglected, Ignored, Injured Male by RedHood129
DxD Harem x Neglected, Ignored, In...by Red
Madoka Terada is a pawn for Rias Gremory. You worked very well and hard for Rias and her peerage, even became a mid class devil! But then, he came. Issei came and ruined...
The new Fiance by MidenikoZero
The new Fianceby Acno peque
She felt doomed, there wasn't anything else she could do, she had recruited que red dragon, hoping it was enough. The hope came back when her brother told her that the m...
Bodyguard of Gremory  by -Ruby-Red-
Bodyguard of Gremory by -Ruby-Red-
Read and Find out xx Naruto x Highschool DXD Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or DXD
Shield of the Waves (Highschool DxD x Male Reader) by Winter_Wanderer
Shield of the Waves (Highschool Dx...by Grandpoggers
(Y/N) (L/N) is a strange person, one who always strives to help just about anyone. Yet he always seeks a master for some reason, some say he was a loyal samurai in his p...
Reionic: The Universe Wanderer [Vol. 1] - The Heaven Light by -Lord_of_Tuna-
Reionic: The Universe Wanderer [Vo...by -Shadow_Monarch-
Y/n Furuya is a boy who like Ultraman & Kaiju from Tokusatsu. He wish he can be become one like them (Ultraman). One day, he just back from buying new collection of new...
The Destroyer of Dxd by jasonmakoni54321
The Destroyer of Dxdby Jason Makoni
During his travels Beerus aka the G.O.D finds a 10 year old Nekomata boy, who picks his interest and decides to train the boy and raise him as his own, along with the he...
The 72 Demons - ( male reader x dxd ) by Alcrade0
The 72 Demons - ( male reader x dx...by Alcrade0
The first rook of the Rias Gremory , he has a sacred gear which allowes him to control fire and lightning , he does not speak much but always follows the order of Rias...
yandere DXD X autistic male reader by B_nation1
yandere DXD X autistic male readerby BHW
DISCLAIMER: author-san has autism so all the autism jokes are fine wattpad Y/N was born with high functioning autism and goes to kuoh and despite not being a fighter he...
His Dragon Maid (Remastered) by Hs_JoKerPT
His Dragon Maid (Remastered)by Hs_JoKerPT
After being rejected by his high school crush, Akeno Himejima. Y/n went off by himself hoping to drown his sorrows. As he roamed around, he bumped into some guy who pluc...
The Pillar Dragon God of DXD by lucifurgesaya
The Pillar Dragon God of DXDby Lucifurge
Issei is a pure-blooded devil and his power rival Great red and adding the boosted gear he is the most powerful being in the world. OP Issei.
Lion King of DxD by feldsher_azuma
Lion King of DxDby Azuma
In a world where legends and myths collide, Artoria Pendragon finds herself mysteriously transported to the chaotic realm of Highschool DxD. As she navigates through the...
Highschool DXD: New Ruler of Shadows by kingkaizo54
Highschool DXD: New Ruler of Shado...by kingkaizo54
Light and Darkness, are two forces of nature that have been keeping the balance since the being of the world, Light embodies righteousness, goodness, and peace, While Da...
Gotta Go Fast! (Highschool DXD X Male Movie Sonic Reader) [Slow Updates] by MylesDTate
Gotta Go Fast! (Highschool DXD X M...by Galactics
In a world full of devils, angels, and fallen angels, there exists a blue haired boy with an incredible power. One that could rival the gods themselves. What would happe...
The New Wind Of Creation [ High School DxD ] by NomadicLeader13
The New Wind Of Creation [ High Sc...by NomadicLeader 13
This story tells the point of view of Shidou Hyoudou, the adoptive brother of Issei Hyoudou. Everything followed normally until one day his brother had got a 'girlfriend...
Highschool dxd: Demonic Pheonix by Ralwof_Kram
Highschool dxd: Demonic Pheonixby Ralwof_Kram
What happens when two opposing forces form an alliance? Follow (Y/N) (F/N), the only child of Hestia, and incarnation of the true phoenix as he adventures through the wo...
one big happy family fnaf/afton family x male reader by fatal890
one big happy family fnaf/afton fa...by god mix
once a happy family turned into a broken one
HighSchool DxD: The Crimson Overlord by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Crimson Overlo...by Red
Rias's Twin Brother returns to the House of Gremory with his goal and promise to bring relevancy to the family that others laugh and look down upon for their values. Lon...