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The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Highschool DxD x Reader by PitaNemuritoare
The 4 Horsemen of Highschool // Hi...by the neighborhood vampire
Strife, Fury, War...Death...4 individuals that were once feared by most who dipped their toes into the supernatural...be it God, or be it Satan. That's how dangerous the...
The Kitsune (High School DxD x OC) by MichaelCantu4
The Kitsune (High School DxD x OC)by Michael Cantu
This is the rewrite version of my previous story, "The Yokai". Raizo Tachibana is the son of Yasaka Tachibana, and older brother of Kunou Tachibana. He's a Kit...
Brother of Kuroka and Koneko by jasonmakoni54321
Brother of Kuroka and Konekoby Jason Makoni
After being separated from his siblings for 9 years, Naomi is reunited with them how will things turn out?
Destructive Pride by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Destructive Prideby Jiren The Grey
Escanor Gremory was a child that was loved. He was born with power never seen nor ever heard. No one knew of his power besides himself. In truth, his power was killing h...
Cat Scratch Fever by OkitaSouji_
Cat Scratch Feverby Tia Doragon[Okita]
What if human Issei found a certain black Nekoshou, broken and bleeding? Issei x Kuroka fluff, read and review. I DO NOT Own or Ever Will Own Highschool DxD! Not this go...
DxD: Switch teams  by Cole194
DxD: Switch teams by Cole194
Issei switches sides from devils. Joins a "terrorist group". Will Issei grow stronger alongside his fated rival or will he once again die in the line of battle...
Cheated [Cheater Kuroka x OC x Akeno & Rias] by MasterJay228
Cheated [Cheater Kuroka x OC x Ake...by Jay
Makoto Arashiro, is the boyfriend of Kuroka. However, she cheats on the boy daily with the future harem king, Issei Hyoudou. Sadly, Makoto isn't able to break up with hi...
Life as a Dragon God (DxD fanfic) by Pau1e1is
Life as a Dragon God (DxD fanfic)by Pau1e1is
Akashi Orochi didn't have a good life. Parents didn't acknowledge him as a son. School wasn't good either, bullied because for fun. No one ever helped him thus leaving h...
Arms Around You by TheAnimeManofYeet
Arms Around Youby TheAnimeManofYeet
A mysterious boy arrives at Kuoh Academy attempting to restart his life after a tragic past. Thing don't go off to a great start, but luck seemed to have struck him in a...
The Neglected Pawn  (Uchiha X DxD) by SoraTempezt
The Neglected Pawn (Uchiha X DxD)by Sora Tempest
'I was there for them since the beginning but they chose him over me' 'They even fought for him and defended him' 'I was just used am i?' 'Of course i am,I was nothing m...
HighSchoolDxD: The Return Of The King. by SmokeyCrow
HighSchoolDxD: The Return Of The K...by The Crow
When the world is at it's darkest. A single light shall pierce the veil of shadows, and become the beacon for all humanity. The hero that was truly needed.
Betrayed God (DXD) by Zoroun
Betrayed God (DXD)by Zoroun
A Male God reader x Highschool dxd HAREM story Rias and the rest of her peerage left you to die. They had no such reason to keep a "weak piece" even your girlf...
HighSchool DxD: A Rejected Dragon (DISCONTINUED) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: A Rejected Dragon...by RedHood129
This is a Cheated DxD x Rejected Male Montaro Nakamura, also known as Montaro Nakiri, is a human affiliated with the Occult Research Club. He is aware that they are all...
HighSchool DxD: New Head of the Table by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: New Head of the Ta...by RedHood129
After taking a different path from her, Rias's twin brother challenges her to a fight for the right of being the next true Head of the House of Gremory. WARNING! I do NO...
Neko's love by Tari-1228
Neko's loveby Tari
The Rewrite of Neko's love A boy called Tari left his home in Night City after become a Legend there to a smaller town called Kuoh but will his reputation mean anything...
A Monkey In Highschool (Male Reader X Highschool DXD) (Remake)  by TheStoneMonkey
A Monkey In Highschool (Male Reade...by Jin Mori
(A/N Yes i decided to remake this story, cause........ Reason)
The Dragon of Destruction  by AlexLauch
The Dragon of Destruction by AlexLauch
Dragons are beautiful aren't they? This one though may look beautiful... isn't as it seems.
The Emperors by _Ray_Light_
The Emperorsby Ray Mendez
The supernatural world all know the legend of the two heavenly dragons that were capable of killing gods however there are other dragons with power similar or greater th...
The Overleveled Gamer (Gamer x Dxd) by TheFacelessNarrator
The Overleveled Gamer (Gamer x Dxd)by FacelessNarrator
He thought he had a chance, he didn't know I was overleveled Male reader X DxD I couldn't get this idea out of my head, and have been writing for 3 days straight. Love...