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 (Neglected Piece Male Reader x Highschool Dxd) by SystemTo
(Neglected Piece Male Reader x SystemTo
I'm one of Rias Gremory's piece..........Former Rook to be exact..........In the peerage I'm always ignored.........I don't know why...........It all started when 𝒉𝒆 c...
Tears of the ORC (Male Reader x High School DxD) by TheNoxusGrandWriter
Tears of the ORC (Male Reader x Noxus
Y/n Hyoudou is your average High School Student, he gets good grades and is very athletic. The only thing different about him compared to most of his peers is the fact h...
Son Of The Magus Of Flowers DxD (Son Of Merlin X Sona) by TheAnimeManofYeet
Son Of The Magus Of Flowers DxD ( TheAnimeManofYeet
As the son of the Mage of Flowers, Merlin. Y/n was raised in Avalon by his father until he hit the age where he wanted to explore more than what meets the eye. One day w...
Sona DxD by Omaristheman24
Sona DxDby Omaristheman24
I don't own this story all credit goes to
strongest red dragon emperor by ThahamsdThaks
strongest red dragon emperorby Thahamsd Thaks
During the battle with Vali issei come to know the circumstances of his revival what will he do will he be slave or be a dragon
Nero Male Reader x DxD (SLOW UPDATE) [New Version] by Kokushidou
Nero Male Reader x DxD (SLOW Kokushidou
AUTHOR'S NOTE: A remake from my old story, dont read the old version, it was cringe. DISCLAIMER: I Do Not Own The Picture's, GIF's, Or Photo's. Even The Main Photo That...
HighSchool DxD: The Fallen Red Eyed King (Original Story) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: The Fallen Red Red
I grew up not knowing my parents. All I knew is that i grew up under cruel treatment from the yakuza I had to put up with and from the people on the streets for my red e...
Supremacy of the Lucifuge by HattoriHeiji121
Supremacy of the Lucifugeby Black
Hyodo Ise or better known as Tatsumi Lucifuge-Sitri, the 5th Super Devil and the Strongest Host of Albion.
High School DxD: The Man With Three Monsters by TheNoxusGrandWriter
High School DxD: The Man With Noxus
Y/n L/n-Gremory is a very interesting individual, he always wears a Straw Hat, carries three swords with him, and wears a suit. He's known as the "Monster" of...
A Cursed Human Roaming With Youkai's by Hs_JoKerPT
A Cursed Human Roaming With Hs_JoKerPT
Meet Y/n Okkotsu, after watching his childhood friend get her head crushed by a car and cursing her he ran away from his hometown, while on the run he saw some people g...
Daughter Of Amaterasu Dxd by lazydemon87
Daughter Of Amaterasu Dxdby lazy demon
Hikari is the daughter of amaterasu and a human she is a demigod and has been tasked to look over the rulers of kouh. All the characters belong to their rightful owners...
The Devil You Know (Nero Male Reader x DxD) [OLD VERSION] by Kokushidou
The Devil You Know (Nero Male Kokushidou
REMINDER: Nero Or DxD Are NOT Mine They Belong To Their Own Respective Owners
Prince of Destruction! DxD by Renold0
Prince of Destruction! DxDby Renold
OC reborn as Rias's older twin brother in world of dxd.
Shun Sitri by jasonmakoni54321
Shun Sitriby Jason Makoni
What journey await the 3rd child of the Sitri family?
(On Hold) The Dragon Of Destruction, Black Dragon Emperor by ShinobuWashuu
(On Hold) The Dragon Of Shinobu Washuu
Izuru was a orphan who was an outcast, he knew his parents died more like murdered but only he knows who killed them but he doesn't know if it was real or not. he didn't...
(On Hold)Reincarated as Alucard from Hellsing   (Male Alucard X High School DXD) by I-Love-SABER
(On Hold)Reincarated as Alucard I love ARCHER
(ON HOLD AND DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE) This is my First time to make this fanfiction book and i do not OWN Hellsing and High School DXD as well the pictures i...
HighSchool DxD: A Boy From Childhood (DISCONTINUED) by RedHood129
HighSchool DxD: A Boy From Red
Einosuke Vassago is the childhood friend of Rias Gremory, Sona Sitri and Seekvaira Agares. The only difference he had from them was that he wasn't an heir at the time. B...
Octane male reader X highschool dxd by theelegantchicken
Octane male reader X highschool dxdby your mum
in this story you go by the name y/n and you moved to kuoh to transfer to the previous all girls academy Kuoh Academy. however you live with the hyoudou's and their perv...
Leviathan's Queen (Highschool DxD x OPM Male Reader) by BigBlackChris
Leviathan's Queen (Highschool Sin Archbishop of Serafall
Y/N is Serafall Leviathan's queen and has to go to Kuoh academy with Serafall to watch her little sister Sona and make sure nothing happens to her can't be too hard, rig...
God of Sun Bible Hybrid by HattoriHeiji121
God of Sun Bible Hybridby Black
In age 8, Ise who was hang out with Irina at her house unaware of his parents death in traffic accident. When Irina's father, Toji Shido who were informed by the police...